Kelly Shaw

CEO of The J Group, Sales Trainer, Speaker

About Kelly

Kelly Shaw is a speaker, coach, sales trainer, and CEO of The J Group. He has a passion for sales and salespeople.

He’s been in sales for over 40 years, has been teaching other sales professionals for over 25 years, and has a thriving sales practice today. Kelly has traveled internationally to speak to thousands of students
of sales, not only educating them but also helping them to discover and realize their full passion and potential. He’s trained and managed in multiple industries from men’s and women’s clothing, automotive dealerships, boat dealerships, and financial services.

Kelly believes that selling is a true craft and that with practice, that craft can be honed into a well-oiled, extremely successful selling machine. Kelly believes that selling is not a system; it’s a philosophy. Once internalized, these philosophies will create an incredible base to always be successful in sales.

Kelly Shaw is on a mission to help 10,000 Entrepreneurs become Millionaires in the next 8 years.


“It takes great speakers years to hone their craft. Kelly Shaw was an inspiring, entertaining, engaging, and motivational speaker. Kelly was very relatable and of great interest to our audience. Our attendees left his presentation energized and excited about his message and his performance.”

  Jeremy Rettich, Chief Executive Officer, Virtue Capital Management LLC

“In my opinion, Kelly is one of the best speakers in the US! Not just because he knows facts and figures and statistics, because he speaks from the heart and creates an immediate action plan for people to follow once they leave the event. Very few speakers have this ability, and Kelly has it in spades. If you’re looking to hire a speaker with heart, who moves his audience with lots of stories, enthusiasm and energy, Kelly Shaw is your man!”
“I ran into Kelly at a conference for financial advisers in Miami Florida in January of 2021. After 2 days of watching speakers on stage I ran into Kelly that night and shared with him that his speech from 8 years before was probably one of the top 2 speeches, I had ever seen. That speech made a huge difference in my financial career. I used some of his tactics and business strategies to grow my business by 10x the size it was 8 years ago. He’s definitely not only one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen but also a Legend in the financial sales Industry for his personal production. Not only does he speak from his heart but he also walks the walk.”
David Conway, Founder Conway Consulting, Little Rock Arkansas

Speaking Topic

Be Yourself: The Sales Will Follow

Sales are the foundation of any business. Nothing happens until something is sold. Most people are aware that if they don’t sell, they won’t be able to stay in business and live their dream life. However, many business owners fall short of their sales potential for fear of being perceived as “salesy” to prospective clients. In his talk, Kelly helps audience members understand the reasons why current prospects in today’s market actually make buying decisions. Audience members will leave with a clear and precise set of steps to help share their vision of their product or service to their potential new prospects, and ultimately boost their sales without being “sleazy.” 

Take Your Sales To The Next Level Through Authenticity

Selling does not have to be “sleazy, icky, or tricky.” Kelly Shaw teaches entrepreneurs how to maximize their sales while being honest and authentic.

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