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About Ken Fish

Ken Fish is a native of the Los Angeles area with multiple degrees from Princeton, Fuller Theological Seminary, and UCLA. Throughout his life, Ken has worked with parachurch ministries and in the church. He specializes in teaching people how to flow with the Holy Spirit, and heal their pain effectively.

Ken’s ministry includes vision-casting, teaching on leadership, equipping the saints in healing, prophecy, and deliverance to further the advance of the Kingdom of God.  His meetings are often accompanied by manifest signs and wonders that include prophetic ministry and healing of many types.

He’s on a mission to assist churches, mission boards, and parachurch organizations in creating healing expressions of the Christian faith that are biblically orthodox and orthoprax, compelling, and sustainable.


“Ken Fish is an extraordinarily gifted servant of God who has brought healing and deliverance to innumerable, thousands around the globe. But he has that far rarer gift of being able to explain what he is doing so that those who are skeptical — whether theologically or generally — so they come away with a deeper biblical understanding of what they have just seen. Because of all this, Ken Fish’s ministry has changed my life.”

— Eric Metaxas, New York Times

“I have known Ken Fish since 1984 when he was part of the team that visited my church when I was first filled with the Holy Spirit. He has a solid biblical-theological education, and he has experienced many healings and miracles around the world. I have had him speak at our Global School of Supernatural Ministry.”

— Dr. Randy Clark, Founder, Global Awakening

“There is a significant growing need in the Church for counseling and mental health care. Ken Fish brings biblically-grounded teaching and training on inner healing and deliverance to the body of Christ to help address this need. It is my privilege to have taught alongside and ministered with Ken Fish.”
— Margaret Yoon MD, board certified psychiatrist
“What initially drew this Harvard-educated and Harvard-trained surgeon to Ken Fish was his depth of biblical knowledge and exceptional exegesis combined with sharp prophetic discernment. However, what impressed me about Ken Fish was his ability to advance the kingdom of God through faithful teaching of the Word AND demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. In modern times, the Church needs ministers like Ken Fish, a modern-day Paul in my opinion.”
— Matthew Y. Suh, MD MPH

Speaking Topic

Healing Through Your God Connection

Some people are confused about the reliability of scripture, and about the work of the Holy Spirit. They may feel separated from God and have unanswered prayers around their pain. In his talk, Ken Fish equips audience members to bring healing to spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical problems. He teaches them to understand the complete human system that includes body, soul, and spirit. As a result, their faith will seem more “real” to them, because they will feel a stronger connection with God and the Bible.

Healing is God’s Power, Not Just Medicine

In his talk, Ken outlines his Integrated Healing Model: a unique approach to healing through biblical principles. This model goes beyond traditional therapy and medicine and helps people tackle even the biggest health hurdles head-on to experience breakthroughs, create real change, and retain the healing they receive.

Helping Christians connect with the Holy Spirit and His power so they can experience God’s healing, create real change, and retain the healing they receive.

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