Ken Lewis

Executive Leadership Coach, Former Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician with Air Force

About Ken

Ken is a veteran of the US Air Force, a former Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, and a certified coach. He has over 20 years of experience in facilitating, training, communication skills, leadership development, and team building.
He is an Executive Director with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, specializing in training, coaching, and speaking to professionals from all industries. Ken is also a sales and marketing trainer and coach powered by Grant Cardone as a Licensee. He holds various certifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), Six Sigma Green Belt, Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, and SAFe Scrum Master.
Ken Lewis is on a mission to improve the lives of 1 million people by achieving their dreams and flourishing by becoming a better version of themselves by 2032.


“Ken and I had an excellent conversation. His guidance helped me identify the areas of my business that needed to be improved. I learned a lot from our call and have already started making the necessary adjustments. I’m grateful for his time and knowledge.”
— Manny Rodriguez
“Ken is a GREAT resource for individuals studying for the PMP exam. He is genuine and passionate about helping people. You won’t find too many mentors on here that will match his passion.”
— Kyle Fairbairn
“Ken selflessly volunteers his expertise leading a weekly study group dedicated to teaching veterans crucial skills in project management. He demonstrates his unique knowledge, dedication, and patriotism by giving his time to service members as they transition from active duty. When I speak to Ken, I admire and am taken aback by his hunger for knowledge and constant desire to grow as a professional. Ken is a positive influence, asset, and thought leader within any organization he is associated with.”
— Ken Lewis’ former client

Speaking Topics

3 Secrets To Transform New Executives Into Powerful Leaders

For new executives who want to improve their leadership skills to achieve greater levels of success, boost confidence in leading themselves & others, and improve organizational performance. In his talk, Ken outlines 3 secrets to transforming new executives into powerful leaders without trying to force or demand followership. Audience members will learn how to lead themselves first, how to communicate in a way that inspires people to take initiative, and how to empower others to do the same.

The Power Of Empathy: The Remedy To Toxic Shame Culture

Culture is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an organization. At the most basic level, culture is formed by how people think, act, and interact. An organization’s culture will only be as strong as its ability to develop its people. The one thing that will destroy a culture is shame. The only way to kill shame is by practicing empathy. In his talk, Ken outlines his process of how a leader can practice empathy and establish a method for accountability to reward growth-minded people.

The Power of Perspective: Why Giving Everyone a Voice is Vital for Success

In this keynote, Ken explores how creating a culture that values open communication and diverse perspectives can lead to greater success. By breaking down the barriers that prevent people from sharing their opinions and ideas, leaders can create a workplace where everyone feels heard and valued. Attendees will discover how to build a culture that encourages collaboration, minimizes biases, and fosters innovation. With practical tips and real-world examples, this talk shows how giving everyone a voice can unlock the true potential of any organization.

Improving The Performance Of Organizations And Individuals
Helping leaders become more influential, better communicators, increase team cohesion, and inspire those around them.

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