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About KeyAnder

KeyAnder Early is a licensed financial literacy expert and award-winning financial professional. She believes that financial education is essential to living, giving, and thriving financially. Despite facing financial hardships after college, including debt and poor credit, KeyAnder took charge of her finances and successfully transformed her life. KeyAnder now helps women with her signature 7-step process, ”Abundant Finances,” teaching them the tools to feel confident about their finances and achieve their goals.
KeyAnder is on a mission to empower and equip one million Christian families to live, give, and thrive with tools to manage and create sustainable wealth for themselves and their children by 2030.


“Working with KeyAnder, I am no longer afraid to open my bills. Fear is no longer a factor in my finances. I now have money left at the end of the month. I no longer live paycheck to paycheck.”
— Lanena E.
“Being an entrepreneur, I found it challenging to manage my money. KeyAnder was able to help me develop a budget and a financial plan for my retirement. Working with her has truly helped me to make more informed decisions.”
— Kendra W.
“I was first introduced to KeyAnder by attending one of her workshops. I love how she takes the complication out of understanding money and makes it relatable. I have attended others since, and she delivers consistently.”
— Barbara H.
“KeyAnder spoke at my women’s retreat, and the feedback was great! She made everyone feel comfortable talking about money, which can be a challenge for most people. Her style and knowledge make her my go-to speaker.”
— Martika C.

Speaking Topics

Financially Fit Congregation: How To Help Your Members Live, Give, And Thrive Financially

In her talk, KeyAnder Early discusses the importance of financial literacy within a congregation. She focuses on how church leaders can help their members prosper financially and how having financial stability can help families give abundantly without sacrificing their own well-being. KeyAnder also provides insights on how to normalize conversations around money within a congregation and how to create a more abundant community as a result. This talk will be valuable for anyone looking to create a more financially sound and prosperous congregation.

How To Connect Purpose And Finance With Your Congregation

In today’s society, it can be challenging to connect the concepts of purpose and finance. However, these two topics are intertwined and when combined, create a powerful partnership. When church leaders take the time to educate and engage their congregations on financial matters, it can help everyone involved connect their purpose to their finances. By doing so, they become more aware of the positive impact they have on their community and the kingdom of God. In this keynote talk, KeyAnder Early shares her proven C.H.E.E.R. principles, which help church leaders make meaningful connections between purpose and finance with their congregations. Through these principles, attendees will learn how to communicate financial concepts effectively, provide practical financial tools, and create a shared vision for financial success. By doing so, they will be able to inspire their congregations to become financially responsible, passionate givers and partners with God in creating a better world.

Financial Unity: How To Be On The Same Page With Your Significant Other

Talking about finances with your significant other can be a sensitive subject that many couples tend to avoid. It is important for couples to have a clear understanding of their financial goals and work together to achieve them. KeyAnder Early’s keynote speech, “For Richer or Poorer: How to Be on the Same Page with Your Significant Other,” outlines 7 pillars that couples can use to create a harmonious financial relationship that benefits both partners equally. Attendees will walk away with steps on creating a shared financial vision plan, strategies to improve the family finances, and tools to better communicate about finances.

Financial Success For Single Moms: A Blueprint For Leading Your Family

As a single mom, providing for a family can be a challenge. Balancing life on a daily basis to be present for your children while also working to provide for them requires a delicate balance. Financial survival can be tough, but it’s not impossible. In her keynote talk, KeyAnder Early shares her financial blueprint to help attendees take control of their money situation. By making the right financial decisions, it’s possible to not only survive but also provide a comfortable and stable environment for children to thrive. Attendees will learn how to manage what they have, strategies to deal with financial burdens, and tools to use when communicating with their children regarding money.
Striving To Eradicate Financial Illiteracy Worldwide
KeyAnder is passionate about helping Christian families achieve financial freedom and abundance by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage their finances effectively. She believes in empowering individuals to create sustainable wealth that will enable them to not only thrive financially but also make a positive impact in their communities.

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