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Author, Speaker, Growth Strategist, and Master Sales Coach

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Laura Wright is an author, speaker, growth strategist, and master sales coach. They help transform overworked and underpaid businesswomen into 7-figure empire builders by creating structure in their businesses and showing them how to completely reframe how they think about their business model.
In the past 20 years, Laura has closed over $43 million in sales, sold over $47 million worth of goods and services, helped 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of work, sold and filled multi-million dollar events, and turned over 6-figure profits in real estate. They are also the founder of EPIC at Sales and is responsible for over 200 women reaching their highest income.
Laura believes that when smart women hold true wealth, that is how we change the world. They are committed to helping brilliant-minded women who have amazing services to understand how to do it in a way that has them at their highest potential and making the most amount of money.
Laura is on a mission to help support millions of women to sell at their highest levels so they can serve at their deepest levels and create their own economy.


“Within 2 months of leaving my job, I was fully booked out. I was able to grow an agency to multi-six figures – and then launch a program which I’m super proud of.”
— Nicole Jackson Miller
“I had my first $19,000 month in my business just by watching your videos on Youtube. It got me in an expensive place. Every time I watched it, I saw a possibility. I saw what was available to me.”
— Amanda Marit
“I had 2 calls set up that week, and I converted both of those people. I followed the steps, I had it written down. I’m looking at it, and I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Month 1 isn’t over yet, and I already got $10,000.”
— Monique Bryan
“I signed a $14K client yesterday… my calendar is filled with amazing women who are perfectly aligned with my new programme and retreat. This $188K is feeling ridiculously easy – like I’ve never felt so relaxed making offers as I do with these!”
— Melanie MacIntyre

Speaking Topics

Unlauching: How Businesswomen Get To 7-Figures With Ease

This is for impact-driven women in business who are tired of the traditional “launch model.” They want a different way to honor their natural rhythms and scale with ease to 6-7 figures. Audience members will learn how to sell a FIRE offer that ignites your soul and solves your client’s struggles FAST and develop an effective one-to-many sales framework & strategy for their business.

5 Simple Strategies To Successfully Fill High-Ticket Programs With EASE

A big goal for many entrepreneurs is to land those high-ticket, lucrative clients – as it should be. It can take the same amount of time, effort, and energy to close a high-ticket client compared to a low or mid-ticket client, yet generating 10X the revenue. But what makes clients invest in high-ticket programs? How can you position yourself in such a way that leads are willing to drop 5-figures to work with you? In her talk, Laura Wright outlines 5 strategies to fill high-ticket programs with ease.
Sell With Ease And Scale With Simplicity

Laura helps support impact-driven women who are service-based professionals and business owners break through the threshold they keep hitting so that they feel amplified and expansive, all while making the most amount of money possible doing what sets their soul on fire.

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