Lise Robinson

Founder of LR Wellness, Recipient of the 2021 Human Rights Award for public service, Speaker

About Lise

Lise is the founder of LR Wellness and is the recipient of the 2021 Human Rights Award for public service. Over the past 30 years, she has helped thousands of people move from struggling with complex social issues to thriving in life. 

Lise is no stranger to overcoming grief. She suffered the losses of her mother, brother, cousin, and best friend, all of who passed away within the span of 3 months. She was devastated, lost, and did not know what to do. As a result, she created her “resiliency roadmap” to heal and kickstart her life.  

Lise Robinson is now on a mission to help 500,000 women come to terms with grief by 2030.


“You are absolutely amazing! You have helped me in ways that I have needed for so many years! Without your help and the access that I had to you at the most pivotal point in my life, I would have most certainly done a death spiral. I am so thankful and happy today because of your services and this page that I divinely stumbled upon. There is always hope!”


“Your work here is powerful in helping transformations and wisdom to arise… we are all in the collective here sifting through and experiencing our grief as mirrored by others and likewise as stimulated by the activities you suggest and the suggestions made by us all here. So thank you for creating this community; it has helped me immensely.”

— Anthony

“Lise, this is absolutely beautiful, and yes, the ones we have lost leave a lasting deep imprint in all of us and how we embrace our grief with lessons from our departed ones. Creativity moves us through the process and heals us from within because of the unconditional love they left in us. Death is only an ending of the body but not the soul. And love never dies, but in fact, grows every single day during the healing process. Thank you so much for this group; it is helping many of us unite in grief, and we must not dwell in the loss but inspire others with a pure and giving heart to others.”

— Maureen Crowther

“Well, you sure saved my world, my life, my happiness, my mental stability…my future!”


Speaking Topic

3 Key Ways To Rise From The Ashes Of Grief

In this talk, Lise outlines 3 ways to help memorialize loved ones to fill the void and emptiness someone feels after loss. She reveals the key healing strategies to help see how resilient you really are so you can kick start your life with a new vision and love life once again – without the use of drugs or years of therapy.

Kickstart Life After Loss With New Goals And Dreams
On a mission to help 500,000 women come to terms with grief by 2030.

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