Lori A. Raymond

President Of Tourmaline Enterprises, Speaker, Coach

About Lori

Lori Raymond is a business owner based in Southern California. Her company, Tourmaline Enterprises, operates in the consumer goods packaging industry, specifically in coding and marking equipment, and she is a licensee of HP’s specialty printing division. With a team of 12 people, 68 national distributors, 12 international distributors, and over 300 end-user customers, Lori’s business has seen impressive growth of over 350% in the past 8 years.

With over 35 years of experience in sales and sales management, Lori has held leadership roles in other organizations. She served as President of the Southwest Riverside County Manufacturers Council in 2001 and 2002, as well as Secretary of the Southwest Riverside County Manufacturers Council from 1998-2000. Additionally, she is on the volunteer committee and
Advisory Board of Charity for Charity, a local wish-fulfilling organization in the Temecula Valley, and has been involved in raising donations and funds for
the organization in excess of $250,000-$300,000 annually for the past 15 years of their 17-year existence.

Lori is a cancer survivor of 15 years, a newlywed to an amazing man, a mother of 2 daughters, a grandmother of 3 grandsons, and a driven entrepreneur who faces every challenge head-on. She now helps other women leaders overcome adversity, gain clarity, and thrive in business.


“I wasn’t sure which direction to take, but Lori helped me figure out what it was I really wanted to do.”

“After she spoke, I thought, ‘If she could do what she has done…maybe, just maybe, so could I.’”

Speaking Topics

7 Steps To Conquer The Unexpected

In this talk, Lori will share her 7 proven steps to conquer unexpected challenges in life. She’ll use humor and a direct approach to guide listeners through strategies for getting unstuck when life throws unexpected obstacles. With practical tips and insights, listeners will learn how to overcome mental barriers, stay motivated, and create a solid plan of action to move forward toward success. Get ready to conquer the unexpected and take control of your life with Lori’s empowering guidance!

From Crisis To Victory: How To Keep Your Business Going When Life Gets Tough

In her talk, Lori provides essential insights and practical advice for navigating unexpected challenges in business. Drawing from her own personal experiences and expertise, she shares effective strategies for pushing through difficult times and emerging victorious. Whether you’re facing a major setback or just looking for ways to stay resilient in the face of ongoing obstacles, this talk will give you the tools you need to keep moving forward and achieve your goals.

Show Up And Get What You Deserve: The Secret To Claiming Your Piece Of The Pie

In this motivational talk, Lori shares insights on how to develop a mindset that enables individuals to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Attendees will learn how to identify their goals and create an action plan to claim their fair share of success in their personal and professional lives. This talk will provide practical tips on how to cultivate a winning attitude and the discipline needed to follow through on commitments.

Succeed In Business, Despite Life’s Obstacles

Lori empowers women leaders to overcome adversity and unlock their full potential in business. With
her proven strategies and supportive approach, she guides her clients to find clarity and build resilience,
enabling them to thrive in even the toughest environments.


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