Marty Elberg

Bucket List Coach, Attorney, Speaker


Marty Elberg is an attorney, speaker, and Bucket List coach
who helps professionals and families plan for the end of
their lives, and live a more purposeful life.

His unique “Bucket List Planning” method will help people to design and create the life they may have given up on or the life they dream about but do not act on..

Marty believes life is too short not to live your bucket
list life now. He strives to help people live life with more meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment so they can live and die with no regrets.


I highly recommend Marty Elberg’s Bucket List program to get you moving in the right direction. The event was a lot of fun and very helpful to get me on track to do the things that fill my soul.


Just had a Bucket List workshop with Marty and I had a blast. I definitely recommend everyone who wants to write out and set their fun part of life’s plans. Go and create a bucket list with Marty. He takes you step by step of this eyeopening adventure that will make you realize what you have to look forward to in life and more.


Speaking Topic

Gaining a Clearer Picture on the Life You Actually Want

Finding true meaning and purpose in life can sound impossible, especially when someone has accomplished all the things that are said to make one successful in life. Your audience is searching for a clear picture of what their personal, professional, financial, and community goals are and how to achieve them. Marty Elberg takes his audience on the journey to learn how to gain success by taking positive actions to create positive results and how to find happiness in their day-to-day life apart from possessions, status, and accolades we tend to collect.

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Providing people with Bucket List planning gives them peace of mind and allows them to live life with more purpose, meaning, and satisfaction.


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