Mary Huang

Wealth and Legacy Architect, Founder of Elevate Financial Team, 2X Int’l Best-selling & Award Winning Author

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Mary Huang is on a mission to help women reclaim their power through economic empowerment. She believes that teaching women the steps to financial freedom will change the world, especially because the U.N. lists economic empowerment as a lead solution to end violence against women and children.
As a former Female Empowerment Expert turned Wealth & Legacy Architect, she is a licensed professional who gives simple strategies to save money on taxes, create a safety net for family assets, and bulletproof against inflation.
Raised in wealth down the street from the Forbes estate only to become a single mother on food stamps, she has lived on both sides of the track and brings wisdom from the journey of struggle to victory in business, life and spirituality.
Passionate about leaving a better world to future generations, she’s written award winning books, seen and heard in award winning podcasts, magazines, a documentary, and Mentor Tank TV. Recently selected as a Top 30 winner of 30,000 contestants at the Great American Speak Off, she has also shared stages with Deepak Chopra and Les Brown.
When she’s not speaking on stage or writing her next book, you’ll find her attempting to beatbox with her two little girls at home.


“Mary’s wisdom, knowledge, and experience are approachable, loving, and totally non-judgmental. You feel accepted, seen, and understood no matter what you say because she’s walked through the journey herself. She’s unveiled valuable insights, shown me the path, and holds incredible space for the way. I’m grateful to have found her gifts.”
— America Garcia
“Mary’s honesty with all the mistakes she’s made in life makes me feel like I can succeed too. Her certainty gives me certainty. Her leadership and guidance are not only encouraging; they’re potent, powerful, and Godly. I’ve found the courage to do things I never considered before. She’s changed my life!”
— Ena Goldberg
“Mary is someone who gets it. And she knows how to teach and inspire in a way that is easy to understand and encourages one to take action. Since working with Mary, she’s brought life back. Today, I radiate joy and keep my mind focused on creating the future world I envision. All this in just a couple of months. Amazing!”
— Candace Moriyama
“I’ve set my 10-year-old son up with his own investment vehicle that will make him a millionaire. Every child deserves to have a simple plan like this.”

Speaking Topic

3 Lessons Learned From Being A Millionaire And Losing It All

For women who are committed to creating generational wealth; they can learn from someone who has “been there, done that.” Mary has built a fortune, lost it, was able to reclaim it again, and now teaches others how to thrive financially. In her talk, she outlines her proprietary Generational Wealth Game Plan, which helps people identify the mindset, strategy, and actions they need to take to turn their financial success into a sustainable empire for generations to come. Audience members will walk away knowing what “infinite banking” is and whether it’s for you, how to bulletproof your assets against the top causes of bankruptcy, and how to outpace inflation.

3 Tips for Women to Save Money Without Compromising Their Lifestyle

For women who seek to gain control of their finances, and want to leverage their money to help free up time for their loved ones and personal pursuits. Many women face financial challenges, and it’s often caused by frivolous spending. In her talk, Mary outlines 3 practical ways to save money without a significant compromise in one’s lifestyle, and reveals the 4 most important areas of financial transformation, including: money mindset, cellular reset, spiritual reset, spiritual asset, and financial skillset.
Wealth & Legacy Architect
Empowering women to pursue their purpose, bulletproof their wealth from inflation, and turn their financial success into a sustainable empire for generations to come.

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