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Mat Simmons is a 20-year business veteran and a 12-year veteran in real estate and investing. With over $300 million under management, Mat has always been seen as a forward thinking business operator with a take-no-prisoners type of attitude. He is often called upon by business owners across the country and real estate leaders for his business ideas and strategies and sales training capabilities. SIMM Capital Group is one of the fastest growing privately held real estate investment companies with a focus on Multi-family and Distressed assets and loans.
SIMM offers real estate investments and opportunities that were previously never available to the everyday investor; cutting out the middleman and giving you the five benefits listed below. These are the key benefits we operate every fund and property under.


“Given the uncertain times we are in, it’s nice to know that my investment is secured by a REAL asset and that I know I will receive my distribution every month on time. I couldn’t ask for better communication! I love the due diligence and research that SIMM Capital puts into each and every deal. I feel extremely comfortable knowing my investing is working for me.”

— Charles L.
“The most straight-forward, honest, and to-the-point group around. I’ve enjoyed working with them on crowdfund investing. I highly recommend them.”


“The team at SIMM Capital have not only transformed how I look at money and finances, but they have also transformed my future and my legacy!!! The ability to start small and grow into multiple deals and funds is what I really like. Give them a call and let them help you preserve and grow your wealth.”


Speaking Topic

How to Build Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

Passive income through real estate is the number one method to building true financial freedom. It provides you with an investment into an asset backed by a real property that will generate cash flow. It also provides you with income every single month regardless of what you do daily. Mat Simmons gives audience members an avenue to invest in real estate without the common headaches, such as: finding the property themselves, underwriting the property financials, managing the loan and debt, managing the tenants, dealing with repairs, and more.
We identify, negotiate, invest, rehab, raise value, and manage real estate assets on your behalf so you don’t have to, all while you get paid monthly! We’re on a mission to build a real estate portfolio worth over 5 billion dollars and help 1 million people achieve financial freedom along the way.

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