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Megan Luther is a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, and professional real estate agent. Having worked in both corporate franchise models and boutique real estate companies, she always believed there is a better, more efficient way to do real estate, and thus, “The Simple Life” was born. She now helps transform real estate agents’ lives by developing teams of professionals, reduce complexity, build multiple streams of income, and ultimately create generational wealth.

Parnell Quinn is a third generation real estate agent, developer, business owner, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, author and Designated Managing Broker for EXP Commercial for the State of Colorado. His fascination for understanding the intricacies of real estate and constantly finding ways to improve set him apart as an expert in the industry. He now wants to share what he’s learned and help educate future generations or agents to make the
path a bit more simple.

The Simple Life has a commitment to help 250,000 people become financially independent through real estate


“I’m not the type to write reviews. I think they’re biased and forced. With that being said, the simple life real estate company was a pleasure to deal with. Megan and Parnell are some of the nicest, informative, and respectful people I have ever dealt with on a professional level. They made the whole experience of buying and selling a house in Grand County enjoyable. A real estate team such as The Simple Life gives you a feeling of security like dealing with a close friend.”

Speaking Topics

From Self-Employment to Running a Real Estate Business

Grand ambitions of running your own business quickly gets eclipsed by the reality of the logistics and roles you have to fill as a business owner. Understanding the basics isn’t enough to be a catalyst for growth. In this talk, you will receive the 7 stages to running a profitable business and the 8 breaking points that everyone will encounter.

The Benefits of Team vs Individual Agent​

When an real estate agent “does it all” themselves and wears every hat while running their business, it can limit their ability to earn more and have a greater impact. This talk will outline how to help more people through multiplication versus the bottleneck strategy of the individual.

Living Simpler While having Multiple Streams of Income​

Agents can build a better business and live a fuller life when they have multiple streams of income, and do not only have to rely on commission checks. In this talk, agents will receive proven strategies to work smarter, and generate multiple streams of income.

Take out the complexity of real estate, and achieve financial and time freedom.


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