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CEO & Founder Of She’s Creating An Empire, Business Strategist, Sales Trainer, Coach

About Melanie

Melanie Greenough is the CEO and founder of She’s Creating An Empire. Over the past 15 years, her expertise has garnered recognition from esteemed media outlets such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and CNN, as she shared her groundbreaking methodology, The Success Model™ framework. Through her impactful guidance, Melanie has empowered countless individuals to collectively eliminate $60 million in debt and generate multimillion-dollar revenues. She has also leveraged her prowess in building global sales teams to facilitate over $300 million in product and service sales. After helping thousands of women who are overwhelmed and underpaid, she now certifies other women as Success Coaches to expand their reach to restore families, finances, and freedom to the very fabric of society. Women who work with Melanie are ready to powerfully transform their lives and supercharge their success at the speed of light so they can finally build a business and life they love.
Melanie is on a mission to transform the lives of one billion people by empowering and equipping one million coaches with cutting-edge tools to cultivate freedom and success by 2033.


“Melanie’s training has changed every area of my life! I have gone from working in a beige cubicle and hating my life to paying off $1 million in debt. I added 5 streams of income and travel the world doing what I love.”
— Shanda Wright, Sales Queen

“When I met Melanie, it looked like I had it all figured out from the outside with the nice home, business, kids, and husband that I loved. But the truth was, I felt dead on the inside, and money was in short supply. Melanie has helped me pay off $40k in debt, find my purpose, add 3 income streams, and most importantly, come alive on the inside!”

— Sydney Crowe, Mom-Preneur CEO
“Prior to Melanie’s training, I was struggling with the feast or famine that comes along with my job. I was struggling in my relationships and could not identify why I felt like I was failing. After coaching with Melanie, I can tell you everything is in momentum! My relationships, my income, and my business are all UP, plus I have the confidence to live out my dreams and teach my kids these same principles which, for me, is priceless.”
— Regina Yrtulde, Realtor

Speaking Topics

From Imposter Syndrome To Prosperity: Mastering Purpose For Profitable Business Growth

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, many female business owners find themselves grappling with imposter syndrome, undervaluing their worth, and struggling to achieve the financial success they desire. In her talk, Melanie unveils the secrets to overcoming these barriers and unleashing the transformative power of purpose in driving profits. She guides participants on a journey of self-discovery, illuminating the profound impact of aligning values and goals with effective marketing and sales strategies. With her expert insights and actionable techniques, attendees will be empowered to infuse purpose into every facet of their business, unlocking their true potential and propelling themselves toward unparalleled profit growth.

The Success Method™ Unveiled: Stop The Overwhelm, Amplify Your Profits

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and struggling to increase your profits? The constant search for answers can be draining, especially when your business’s success is on the line. In her talk, Melanie unveils The Success Method™ formula, a game-changing approach that empowers entrepreneurs to reclaim their time and money. By implementing these transformative principles, attendees will break free from overwhelm, gain clarity on the most crucial steps for business growth, and effortlessly boost their revenues. Say goodbye to the endless sacrifices and hello to a thriving business that brings both success and ease.

Three Steps To Build A 6-Figure Coaching Business Without Sacrificing It All

Are you tired of struggling to build a successful coaching business while sacrificing your personal life? In this talk, Melanie uncovers her roadmap to create a thriving 6-figure coaching business without compromising your well-being. Through these transformative steps, attendees will learn how to define their unique value proposition, unlock powerful marketing and sales strategies, and cultivate sustainable success with a healthy work-life balance. Prepare to stand out in your niche, attract your ideal clients, and establish a magnetic online presence that will propel both your personal and professional growth.
Unleash Your Potential, Embrace Purpose, And Achieve True Freedom

Melanie’s impact on her students is truly remarkable, having guided them to pay off a staggering $60 million in debt and generate millions in revenue. She’s now on a mission to transform the lives of one billion people by empowering and equipping one million coaches with cutting-edge tools to cultivate freedom and success by 2033.

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