Mike Austin

CEO of MetrixData 360, High Tech Financial Services, Software Manager

About Mike

Mike Austin leads and manages the delivery team at MetrixData 360. He brings more than 15 years of Microsoft licensing experience to his clients’ projects. He assists companies, from Fortune 500 to organizations with as few as 500 employees, with negotiations of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements EA, Premier Support Contracts, and Select Agreements. He has a vast amount of experience across multiple industries including financial services, high tech, manufacturing, media, health care, government, and retail. 

In addition to helping negotiate contracts, he assists clients with creating and implementing software asset management processes to prevent over-purchasing of licenses and ensures terms and conditions reflect actual usage.

Speaking Topics

Negotiating With The Mega Software Vendors

Have you noticed how some people’s eyes light up while others squint in agony at the mere mention of a contract negotiation? Have you noticed how some people know exactly what to say, while others claw for their following words during negotiations, only to come out with a software contract or renewal that cost them more than it should? In his talk, Mike explains the steps behind his proven software negotiation process that has helped save Fortune 500 organizations millions of dollars on their IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and many other vendors software contracts.

Driving Costs Out Of Your Software Contracts

By understanding what you have deployed, your IT roadmap, and how software licensing really works, Mike has been able save companies as small as a couple hundred to a couple hundred thousand employees 40% on their software contracts. The best part of this is that you do not have to be a PhD in Software Licensing to do this. Mike explains his process and shares what he looks for when uncovering licensing discrepancies in his client’s contracts.

Reducing Office 365, Azure, And SaaS Costs In Your Organization

It can be difficult to figure out exactly what Office 365 or Azure services you are using, and it can be hard to interpret reports of your usage. This can cause organizations to pay more on their subscriptions than they should. In this session, Mike will show companies how they can get access to this much needed information, and they can use it to reduce Office 365 and Azure costs by 20–40%.

Let Mike Austin help your organization identify savings, and reduce software costs.

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