Mike Carberry

President and Co-Founder of AMI, Speaker, Coach

Mike Carberry

Dr. Mike Carberry is the Founder and President of AMI. He has a B.S in Marketing from Stockton University and started his career in advertising. After a serious neck injury, Mike returned to school to earn his doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University.
He is a nationally renowned author and speaker on the topic of healthcare, business, ethics, chiropractic philosophy, functional rehabilitation, and medical necessity. Dr. Carberry has spoken at multiple venues across the country including Approved Continuing Education for Ohio, Florida, Texas, California, Tennessee, and most recently the 2022 Keynote speaker for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.
Dr. Mike Carberry along with his wife Coleen, a physical therapist, founded Advanced Medical Integration. AMI aligns professionals from the chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and medical profession to work together in an integrated healthcare setting. The model forwards a team approach to patient care which results in remarkable patient outcomes.


“Certain things weren’t getting done in a way they shouldn’t have been done, or the timeframe they should be done. Now that we have the support of AMI, everything has been running better. The structure is so valuable, they have it down to a science.”
“I’ve had a lot of wins, probably the most important thing that took me to the next level is moving out of case management. It allowed me to focus on growth and helped me train new personnel. I’ve gone from where I was to triple the revenue.”
“The value I’ve seen in working with AMI has been in an unending list of resources. The systems and processes in place are unbelievable. If you follow the systems, they work! Your team will close at a higher rate and you get phenomenal results.”

Speaking Topics

Stop The Bleeding: A Chiropractic’s Role In Changing Healthcare To A Less Drug And Less Surgically Based System

The United States currently outspends the entire rest of the world’s population on healthcare, even though we only make up 4.2 percent of the global population. One of the largest expenses we have in healthcare is orthopedic pain. As our cost for healthcare grows dramatically, our life experiences for the first time in modern history has dropped four years in a row. Chiropractic is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to treat this dilemma, yet it continues to be branded by the general public as the alternative treatment. In his talk, Dr. Mike Carberry explores how chiropractors can lead the charge in redefining what healthcare in America should look like. Audience members will walk away with a blueprint to leading healthcare to a less invasive path with more effective outcomes.

2019-2022: The Perfect Storm In Healthcare

At the turn of the second decade in the 21 century, 3 epidemics came together: the mental health epidemic, the opioid epidemic, and COVID-19. This caused a distrust of the healthcare system throughout America. How we handle it will determine if this is another crisis or an opportunity. In his talk, Dr. Mike Carberry outlines the effects caused by opioids and antidepressants as compared to the ailments they are treating, and compared to physical medicine treatment including but not limited to chiropractic. He argues chiropractic is poised to lead the way in creating a more efficient and less invasive healthcare system.
Medical Integration Expands Your Overall Profitability
AMI’s Vision is to Revolutionize the business of pain management by building and expanding 1,650+ clinics that will dominate local, regional, and national markets with Responsible Pain Management™.

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