Mike Simmons

Founder of Seven Figure Investor, Speaker, Real Estate Coach

About Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons is a speaker, coach, and founder of Seven Figure Investor. He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Jocko Willink, Russell Brunsson, Walter Bond, Andy Frisella, and Tom Ferry, among others.

Mike is the owner of a successful real estate investing company and partner in one of the country’s largest real estate mastermind companies. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs create systems, processes, and automations that allow them to work on their business and not be a slave to it. He has personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them optimize and grow their businesses.
Mike is the producer and host of his own online show called “Just Start Real Estate,” and has conducted over 350 interviews with entrepreneurs who run 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses.

Mike is also a husband and father of two daughters and one son. Residing in Michigan, Mike is always looking for a reason to escape the cold weather and get to a beach!


“Our one-man operation turned into an actual business. We got the roadmap, we got a plan to follow that allowed us to really take off. We have bought roughly 500 houses in the last three or four years, and we have about 1800 rental units, mostly multifamily in the Southeast. And we don’t really see any of that stopping anytime soon. So we’re very excited, very thankful for our chance meeting with Mike.”

— Chris LemirE

“I definitely wanna say thanks for those words that you shared with me during our call, specifically, those actionable steps, that 30, 60, 90-day goal plan. That’s something that I started doing surprisingly enough. It’s quite effective, and I’ve already seen progress.”


“One of the biggest solutions Mike provided us with is when he told us ‘you don’t have a funding problem, you have an execution problem and you just need to execute your ideas.’ And since then we have taken a lot of action and we have contacted wholesalers hard money lenders. Mike, thank you so much. We owe you so much when it comes to the first part of the process for us. If you’re really looking for a way to jumpstart your real estate investing, look no further Mike Simmons.”


Speaking Topic

Build a 7-Figure Real Estate Investing Machine in 12 Months

Are you tired of toiling in the trenches, and ready to run a business that cranks out profits without your constant involvement? Mike Simmons outlines his process to grow and scale a real estate investing business while working less hours, and ultimately generating a predictable 7-figure annual income. Attendees will also walk away with a clear idea of how to track critical metrics and understand how to track their company’s growth.
Mike Simmons is on a mission to teach business professionals and entrepreneurs how to build a 7-figure real estate investing machine that runs on autopilot.

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