Millie Medrano

Franchise Coach, Speaker, Founder of MK Business Advisors

About Millie

Millie left her corporate America job in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue business ownership with a National Brand Franchise emerging in her area. She became a successful multi-unit franchise owner and after nearly two decades of experience, she decided to sell her businesses and pursue her dream of helping others do the same.

As a franchise owner, she continuously built strong teams that focused on delighting customers, solving problems, and delivering great results. As a Franchise Broker, she uses her extensive experience to assist individuals considering business ownership to determine which opportunity best aligns with their strengths, goals, and core values.

Millie is on a mission to help 100,000 professionals and business owners discover a business they love and actually enjoy working in by 2030.

“Her designs opened us up to options we didn’t think were possible, and we ended up with a space that is functional, open, and perfect for our family.”

— Courtney R.

“Heidi and her team are so professional and easy to work with. They came up with great options and were very fast in their turn around”.


Speaking Topics

Fast Track to Owning Your Own Business by Owning a Good Franchise

It’s entirely possible to be in business for yourself without being in business by yourself. Audience members will learn the benefits of using franchises versus starting a business from scratch.

How to Stop Feeling Like You Are “Clocking In” to Your Business

Many people start businesses to become business owners, but it can quickly feel like a job we are just clocking in at. In some instances, we never clock out. In this talk, audience members will learn the importance of aligning your passions, personality, and talents into a role that is perfect for you. Discover the joy of never clocking into work again.

There are thousands of franchises out there, and Millie Medrano is on a mission to find the ideal franchise model that is a good fit for one’s financial goals and passions.

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