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Founder of Fiki Enterprises, #1 Texas Realtor on Social Media

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About Morad

Morad Fiki is the #1 Real Estate Expert on Social Media in Texas. He has been awarded Top 1.4% Real Estate Agents In the United States through Real Trends and has over 100 Million in Career Sales.
Morad helps people who feel stuck in their careers and their lives and have no sales, no business, no customers, and no idea where to go from here to get out of their own way and realize the greatness within themselves. He believes that once you do this you can unlock your potential and take profound steps to live your best lives and have a business that reflects that.
Morad is on a mission to inspire 10 million real estate professionals and associated services providers to grow their businesses to six figures and beyond so that they can make a greater impact on their own lives, families, and communities.


Morad is an amazing agent to work with. He listens to your needs and opinions and offers his expert advice. He also responds quickly and provides transparent communication. Whether you are buying or selling I would highly recommend Morad for your real estate needs.
— Mehmet Celepoglu
“Working with Morad made selling our home easy. He made all the arrangements to stage our condo and made it look so fabulous I wondered why I was selling it. (laugh) He had the contacts and capabilities to quickly sell it at a price higher than we asked. He is so knowledgeable and efficient that I would recommend him in a heartbeat. He really knows what he is doing. Trust him – after all he was a Marine and has great ethics.”
— Suela Howard
“I believe that Morad’s knowledge and experience, and the fact that he shared his recommendations freely on our rehab project, helped us get an additional $100,000 in value when we sold the home. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to selling your home. And his passion for what he does always came through every time we talked to him.”
— Yancy

Speaking Topics

3 Steps to Double Your Real Estate Career Without Killing Yourself In the Process

Sales are the single most important skill you will need in your lifetime. Real estate agents and business owners cannot be afraid of it if they want to succeed. In his talk, Morad outlines his three-step process to help people double their sales within 90 days, without sacrificing their personal lives.

Unlock the Greatness Inside of You

Many people are unaware of the greatness within them, and end up falling far short of their potential. Others are putting in plenty of time and effort, yet still, experience underwhelming results. In his talk, Morad teaches those in real estate how to overcome the biggest obstacles holding them back, and rise to greatness in this profession. Audience members will walk away with a clear plan to take immediate action, and experience growth in their professional lives.

Rise to the Top of Your Industry!: The Top 3 Needle Movers for a Thriving Real Estate Business

In the real estate business, not all activities general equal returns. There are hundreds of activities anyone can do on a given day, but only a few will generates equal results. In his talk, Morad helps people focus on the most important needle movers to grow their business, and rise to the top of their industry.

Unlock Your Full Potential
Morad helps professionals realize their true greatness, and make a real impact on their life, family, and community.

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