Muneeza Ahmed

Intuitive Medicine Woman® and Creator of The Muneeza Method®

About Muneeza

Muneeza Ahmed, known as the Intuitive Medicine Woman®, has dedicated her life to guiding individuals on their healing journeys. Since 2007, she has supported over 10,000 people across 85 countries to overcome autoimmune and chronic illnesses so they can lead joyful and thriving lives. Alongside her healing work, Muneeza also imparts her wisdom to practitioners through the Muneeza Method®, her proprietary “healing recipe.” Her expertise has earned her a distinguished position as a faculty member at the esteemed Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.
From a young age, Muneeza felt a profound calling to be a medicine woman and healer. Having experienced and successfully healed from severe asthma, neurological Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and eczema, she carries a deep personal understanding of the challenges posed by chronic illnesses. This firsthand experience fuels her passion for empowering others and helping them uncover their bodies’ intuitive wisdom and unique capacities for self-healing.
Muneeza’s transformative journey as a healer was influenced by being a client of Anthony William, renowned as the Medical Medium®, for 7 years. In 2012, she became the first practitioner to integrate the invaluable insights from the Medical Medium into her practice. She is also an herbalist, a raw food nutrition coach, a health coach (from IIN and Columbia University) and is certified in multiple emotional healing modalities. Muneeza’s dedication to women’s health is evident through her nine-year tenure, during which she trained 500+ couples in HypnoBirthing®—an all-natural approach to managing pain and anxiety before and during childbirth.
Drawing upon a wide array of tools and techniques, Muneeza assists her clients on their healing journeys, utilizing the power of food-based protocols, supplements, homeopathy, meditation, prayer, and intuition.


“Muneeza is so knowledgeable and she teaches with so much compassion and insight. She encourages us to listen to your body, be kind to your body and support your body. Muneeza is here to help us get navigate through this ever changing world that we live in. I now have a safe group to learn and ask questions. My biggest regret is not joining sooner.”
Mary Ann Belz
“I am deeply grateful, I bow to Muneeza – a wise medical intuitive, supporting everyone in the community and outside, her wisdom/knowledge in all subjects related to physical, emotional and environmental health of the human being is divine.”
Stefania Prato

“In my 60’s, I spent years struggling with my health. I had 52 different symptoms diagnosed, all related to a variety of chronic illnesses or preemptive issues like pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was sick 24/7. I’d worked with 10 different MD’s, ND’s, Functional Medicine MD’s, Energy Workers, Lyme Specialists and other Alternative Therapists. None of these doctors or practitioners were able to identify the true cause of my symptoms, which made healing impossible. And now, after working with Muneeza, I’m 97% symptom-free and cancer-free. The only thing left to heal is shingles. I am optimistic I will make a full recovery! Muneeza has been my Guardian Angel throughout this entire journey. Her compassion is endless and her intuitive skills are laser sharpe and customized precisely to affect the desired healing response in my body. She is an amazing coach and profound cheerleader for my healing and recovery… and now feels like a close friend! Thank you, Muneeza!”

Nancy Cragin
“Muneeza – gave me a completely different view on how to be an effective and successful practitioner.”
Theo Bergmann

Speaking Topic

How To Reverse Chronic Illness And Autoimmune Symptoms

Picture a day when you wake up with more energy than you have had in a long time, and you feel in charge of your health. Picture a day when your best friend says to you, “Wow, I am so proud of where you are with your health now.” That day is closer than you may think.
This topic is for women 18-80 years old who want to reverse chronic illness and autoimmune symptoms that no doctor has been able to help with. They may have been told to get on drugs for life, or there is no known cause for their illnesses. In her talk, Muneeza helps audience members understand the true root causes of those symptoms, and how to use food and key supplements to heal and start reversing these symptoms.
A Roadmap To Healing Chronic, Mystery And Autoimmune Illnesses
Muneeza Ahmed has 15+ years of experience supporting over 10,000 people in 72 countries recover from autoimmune and chronic illness, and heal themselves.

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