Nathan and Eda Walldorf

Founders of Walldorf Capital Ventures, LLC, helping others create passive income, exponential growth, and tax savings

About Nathan and Eda

Nathan & Eda Walldorf are the Founders of Walldorf Capital Ventures, a company that helps people achieve financial freedom and generational wealth through secure, passive, and profitable real estate investments.
Walldorf Capital Ventures encompasses a team of real estate investors, brokers, general contractors, project managers and interior designers with a combined 28+ years of experience to bring their clients the absolute best passive investment opportunities in the multifamily apartment realm nationwide. They seek to acquire and develop highly profitable multifamily apartment complexes/portfolios of 100+ units in high-growth landlord-friendly markets, all of which continue to experience above-market rent growth and the greatest demand among investors and renters alike.
Walldorf Capital Ventures aims to amass a portfolio that will generate stable cash flow and passive income with upside through development, vacancy lease-up, and strong rent growth with superior fundamentals and economic drivers. These positives open opportunities to achieve disposition premiums at the portfolio, market, or asset level.
Nathan & Eda Walldorf are on a mission to help their clients create generational wealth by owning 10,000 units within 10 years, changing the lives of 5,000+ investors and 25,000+ tenants.


“Thanks to Nathan & Eda, I now have a pathway toward funding my daughter’s college education.”
“Nathan & Eda helped me save $25K. I pulled funds out of the stock market and into an appreciating MF asset right before the stock market tanked.”
“My IRA was losing value by the day. Walldorf Capital Ventures is now helping me grow my retirement investment by 20% per year.”

Speaking Topic

How To Earn High-Yield Passive Income Even During Uncertain Times

In the current market environment with heightened levels of volatility, high inflation, and few upside catalysts, most investors will end up earning a mediocre return with most investment vehicles. In their talk, Nathan & Eda Walldorf outline their simple investment strategy that yields a high, safe return and even provides tax savings: multifamily real estate investing. Audience members will walk away knowing how to invest in multi-family real estate, where to invest, and who is needed on their team in order to achieve financial freedom.
Helping Others Create Financial Freedom And Generational Wealth
Walldorf Capital Ventures creates passive income, exponential growth, and tax savings via real estate investments.

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