Naveed Khan

Founder And President Of KV Payments

About Naveed

Naveed Khan is the award-winning Founder and President of KV Payments, a leading payments and services brokerage. With a passion for helping full-service and quick-service multi-location restaurant owners, Naveed specializes in guiding businesses to eliminate processing fees, increase operational efficiencies, and drive growth. Through his expertise in implementing compliant dual pricing, Naveed has empowered numerous clients to put more money back into their businesses, achieve higher cash flow, and experience substantial improvements in their overall profitability and success.

Naveed’s goal is to equip 10,000 restaurants with the knowledge and tools to eliminate unnecessary processing fees, grow their profits, and increase their valuation by 2030.


“The first time I met Naveed, he came into our busy restaurant for dinner. He ordered food and left a huge tip, and then talked to us briefly about considering eliminating our processing fees with dual pricing. We didn’t even know this was possible. Naveed told us we could try it risk-free for 90 days and see how we like it. I can’t believe we’re saving $5,000 a month with a brand-new system that is much faster and easy to use than our previous Square register. I will definitely recommend his services to every busy restaurant. We need more people like him! We will be doing our marketing with KV Payments later this year as well. Again, we highly recommend Naveed and KV Payments!”

— Shanti Devkota, Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine

“Naveed has been great to us. We’ve learned a lot about payments, POS systems, our utilities, and marketing. We have several services with KV Payments, and we recommend them highly for their expertise and excellent attention to detail! KV Payments also saved us more than $18,000 in one year!”

— Sue Alhmoud, Zwar Restaurant

“Naveed’s been a great payments professional. We were in a good situation and had a good rate, so I was afraid to switch because why mess with a good thing, right? But good is not great. Not only did Naveed save us over $25,000 in less than 2 years, but he also marketed our services to the nearby community. He recently upgraded our systems again with a tool to invoice and take payment on a text message. I’m extremely happy with using KV Payments.”

— Antonio Claure, European Auto Plus

Speaking Topics

How To Eliminate Processing Costs Forever Without A Service Fee

Discover the secret to sustainable business growth: keeping more of the money you already have. Naveed Khan will reveal his signature process, empowering attendees to integrate credit card fees into their pricing structure and implement easy strategies for immediate savings. Walk away with the knowledge to maximize profits, manage fees, and start saving money today.

Stop Paying Processing Fees: Save $50K Annually

With processing fees eating into business profits, Naveed Khan helps business owners sustainably grow their businesses by keeping more money in-house, sharing his signature process, and giving practical strategies for implementation. Attendees will learn to add credit card fees into pricing structures and take away easy-to-implement tactics for maximizing profitability.

Unlock Your Business’s True Revenue Potential

Choose Naveed Khan as your trusted partner to unlock your restaurant’s potential, eliminate processing fees, and drive growth with proven strategies and expertise.

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