Nicole Chang

Founder of PY Nicole, Best-Selling Author, Speaker

Nicole Chang

Nicole Chang is an author, speaker, and founder of PY Nicole. She is an expert on leading a life abundant in health, wealth and happiness. A Harvard and Stanford Business and Law School alum, Nicole has had a dynamic global career that has taken her from the the trading floors of Wall Street to the corporate offices of some of the world’s leading corporations, including McKinsey and LVMH.

Taking her decades of experience from leading some of the world’s greatest companies and teams, Nicole has developed her unique framework for intention-based creative problem solving and vision creation, which harnesses an individual’s untapped potential and innate inner wisdom. Her methodology draws from her extensive training in world-class proven modalities, including the Co-Active Coaching Model and her work with personal development gurus such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Vishen Lakhiani, and Brendon Burchard. Nicole embraces a holistic approach to help individuals tap into their inner truth and dreams as they embark on a spiritually, mentally, and physically-rich life journey towards the fulfillment of their highest visions.

She is also an active advisor and investor in socially-conscious and technology-driven companies, including a kid’s coding franchise initiative. She is a proud mother to two college students at Harvard and Stanford.

Nicole Chang is on a mission to impact 1 billion people through 1,000 companies by 2027.


“With your guidance, I managed to solve a few things which I could not do in the past: 1) I managed to close 3 deals in a day, which I am shocked about as I have been in this field for more than 10 years and this is the 1st time I have achieved this wonderful result; 2) My empathy with my colleagues creates more team work and I feel more connected to them, and; 3) I apply my positive thinking even when I got Covid. Thank you Nicole, you are a wonderful coach.”
“I sought out executive coaching to close leadership skills gaps as I was starting my company. As a practicing Buddhist, incorporating ideas and practices from eastern and western culture are important to me. Working with Nicole has been incredible. She has helped me use my meditation practice as a tool to be a better leader, create personalized rituals to help manage my energy, and she has provided tactical advice for managing my business. When I started working with Nicole, we were a very early staged company with 2 employees. We are now a business that is growing exponentially, and I feel more confident in my ability to manage our growth because I have the pleasure of working with Nicole.”
— DAN M.
“Nicole helped me increase my financial portfolio significantly and reduced my stress. Nicole was an amazing leader/instructor who guided us by asking questions (sometimes uncomfortable ones) and giving us tools to meditate and imagine our potential ‘new self.’ We manage our growth because I have the pleasure of working with Nicole. Once these new neural pathways become a part of you, you will discover the awesome person that you really are!”
— Cynthia P.

Speaking Topics

How To Negotiate From A Place Of Inner Confidence And Clarity

Negotiations can be hard to navigate, but with the right skills and techniques, you can close deals like a pro. Audience members will learn how to achieve peak performance during negotiation, how to handle inevitable challenges with a positive mindset, and how to make healthy relationships with others a choice.

The Perfect Evening Routine For Optimal Efficiency

An evening routine that includes a few steps toward preparing for the next day can give you a tremendous advantage in setting you up for success, and help make dreams turn into reality. Audience members will learn how to reconnect with their dreams, make them more concrete, and learn daily habits to achieve success in health, wealth, and happiness.

The Importance Of Digital Literacy For Women

Digital and internet literacy is an essential and important tool that makes women truly employable and empowered. In her talk, Nicole outlines how learning code can prepare you for the future, the 5 C’s coding helps with, why coding is much easier than you think, and what Web3 is and why it’s so exciting.
Building Inner Confidence That Reflects Professional Success
Nicole embraces a holistic approach to help individuals tap into their inner truth and dreams as they embark on a spiritually, mentally, and physically-rich life journey.

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