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Certified Wellness 360 Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

About Nicole

Nicole Gribstad, a dynamic and certified Wellness 360 biblical health and life coach, has emerged as a guiding light for countless Christians on their journey to achieve holistic well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Drawing from her own remarkable ascent in network marketing, where she achieved unprecedented success and ranked 10X in her first year, Nicole discovered the transformative power of confidence, commitment, and the right tools, strategies, and support. Today, fueled by an unwavering passion, Nicole’s mission is to empower fellow Christian leaders who yearn for more in life, feel fatigued and adrift, and seek to reclaim their lost confidence and embrace their deepest desires. Through her transformative confidence training and purpose-driven teachings, Nicole instills the unwavering belief that every individual possesses the innate ability to unlock joy, happiness, and fulfillment by reconnecting with their true selves.
Nicole is on a mission to empower one million Christian influencers to crush it in their business, life, and ministry by 2024.


“I’ve been working with Nicole Gribstad for a few years, and she’s an amazing leader, coach, partner, and friend. She’s someone who truly lives by the word of God and helps others to know the truth that sets them free. She’s also gifted in encouraging and uplifting people wherever she goes. She shines like a light and makes others shine too. And she’s a lot of fun to be around! She always brings joy and laughter to any situation. Nicole is awesome!”
— James Zheng, Kingdom Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder of Warrior Movement, Author
“Nicole Gribstad is an amazing woman, mother, and friend. I met her after joining a great business dream team called Warrior Movement and now also partnered with her in Girl Power Alliance; we are best-selling co-authors of the #1 Amazon best-seller book Dear Superwoman! Over 2 years later, she is still one of my best supporters in life and just one of the best people I’ve ever met. Hands down, I will go as far as to say I love her. Nicole is a woman of God, a great person who loves others. I am so grateful to have her in my life and to also be in hers!”
— Sireka White, Biblical Life Coach, Homeschooling Mom, Best-Selling Author
“Miss Nicole Gribstad is a courageous, amazing, and unstoppable person who lives in a holy way. She is a great teacher, mentor, and friend who shows Christian guidance and neighborly love to everyone. I’m blessed to know her and to see how she changes lives with her determination, motivation, and empathy. She is honest and helpful and always shows up for the Lord. I’m grateful to Jesus for this friendship with Miss Nicole. She deserves more than 5 stars!”
— Shayla Dozier, Biblical Wellness Coach, Mobile Service Professional
“I’ve known Nicole Gribstad since college. She has been a true friend over the years and has given me great counsel in the area of homeschooling. She is passionate and knowledgeable about her endeavors, whether teaching a class or finding out how to improve her fitness and health. She is smart, honest, caring, and super hospitable. She is open to new ideas and carefully evaluates these ideas with scrutiny and integrity. She is faithful in her spiritual walk with Jesus, and she is a humble follower of Scripture. She is an amazing friend!”
— Hannah Chow, Civil Engineer, Homeschooling Mom

Speaking Topic

The Power Of The 3 C's: Unleashing Ultimate Joy And Happiness In Your Life

Unlocking the pathway to lasting joy and happiness shouldn’t be complicated or reliant on complex processes or programs. In a captivating keynote talk, Nicole Gribstad offers a transformative revelation for weary Christians longing for more in life and grappling with a sense of disconnection. Through her enlightening exploration of the 3 C’s – a profound formula she has personally embraced and generously shared over the years – Nicole empowers her audience to embark on a profound journey toward ultimate fulfillment. By cultivating self-awareness of their true identities, understanding their unique gifts and innate strengths, and tapping into their God-given potential, attendees are equipped to harness their internal power and purpose, leading to a life overflowing with unparalleled joy and genuine happiness.
Empowerment For Christian Influencers: Breaking Free From Limitations
Nicole, a certified Wellness 360 biblical health and life coach, has guided countless Christians to conquer their health, financial, and spiritual aspirations. She is now on a mission to empower one million Christian influencers to crush it in their business, life, and ministry by 2024.

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