Paul Stafford and Miranda Phillips

Founders of Elite Wealth and Wellness, Real Estate Investing Trainers

About Paul and Miranda

Paul Stafford is a husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, educator, philanthropist, private pilot, and orthopedic surgeon. He graduated college with a mechanical engineering degree, completed medical school in 1997, and began a career in orthopedic surgery after completing residency and fellowship in 2004.
Miranda Phillips is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, international speaker, and physician. Dr. Phillips started practicing medicine in 2009 after graduating from medical school with a 4.0 GPA, and her love for helping others continues to grow.
Coming from medical backgrounds, Paul Stafford and Miranda Phillips found themselves trapped in their careers, struggling to balance work with their personal lives. Despite their high salaries, they were dissatisfied with their quality of life and realized that many professionals faced similar challenges. In response, they sought self-education and turned to real estate investing to generate passive income. Their success allowed them to reduce their working hours, increase their income, and improve their personal lives. In 2019, they founded Elite Wealth and Wellness to help others change their mindsets, invest in real estate, and achieve financial freedom.
Paul and Miranda are on a mission to help 10,000 busy professionals break out of their “busy-being-busy” lives by utilizing real estate investing to create passive income, time freedom, and generational wealth by 2027.


“Thank you so much for helping us realize what’s possible in our lives AND for helping us get passively invested in multifamily real estate.”
“Paul and Miranda’s wealth course finally gave me the courage, resources, and connections to do what I had wanted for years: TAKE ACTION and start investing in cash-flowing assets! Since taking their course, I have been able to invest in four properties! Three of my four properties are cash-flowing, and I expect the 4th property to start cash-flowing in the next couple of months. Thanks to them both, this has helped my family and me tremendously!!”
Trevor, Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
“Paul & Miranda are game-changers. For TEN years, my wife & I thought and talked about getting educated about involvement in real estate investing, but we never really got off the ground because we simply had no idea where to start. For us, that first step of the proverbial ‘journey of a thousand steps’ was the most challenging step to take, and it was Paul & Miranda’s mentoring, teaching, and educational materials that helped us finally step into making our thoughts a reality. Thanks to them, we are making progress on the journey of personal growth, adopting a can-do mindset toward real-estate investing and financial matters, and progressing toward financial freedom.”
Lawrence, Physician

Speaking Topic

The Real Path To Financial Freedom And Control Of Your Life: 3 Things Every Busy Professional Should Know

Miranda and Paul, like many passionate professionals, worked hard to excel in their specialties. However, they were unaware of the toll it took on their health, families, and time until a few painful events awakened them. With a new mission to create flourishing lives, they embarked on a real estate investing journey that resulted in a steady stream of passive income and a significant change in their lives. They believe that professionals should not only enjoy their careers but also have time for themselves, their health, and their families. In this talk, they share three crucial strategies for busy professionals to create passive income and offer an opportunity to get started. Attendees will discover the power of multifamily real estate investing and how it allows busy professionals to create tax-advantaged, truly passive income; why a large paycheck does not equal freedom; why NOW is the best time to get started; and four main ways multifamily investments pay you.
The Path To Financial Freedom For Busy Professionals
Paul and Miranda strive to help busy professionals achieve financial freedom and live their best lives ever with passive income, health, and happiness.

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