Priscilla Smith

Founder of Paixxão & Co., Passion’s Story Inc., Speaker, Author

About Priscilla

Priscilla Smith is a speaker, author, and Founder of Paixxão, a high-end nail salon chain and nail technology university that was named “Best Nail Salon” in Albuquerque for two years in a row and has been featured in 2 international magazines.
She grew her business by hiring beauty school graduates to work with her. During this time, she observed that many of these talented young women were facing personal challenges that made it difficult for them to succeed. With her guidance and support, they were able to unleash their creativity and overcome their obstacles to build successful careers in the nail industry. She realized her salon was not just a business but a vehicle to empower young women and help them find their passion.
As a result, she then founded Passion’s Story Inc., a nonprofit operating as a fully functioning salon offering beauty school scholarships and on-the-job training, mentoring, and coaching for underprivileged young women. Priscilla dedicated herself to mentoring dozens of beauty school graduates for the past seven years. Her focus has been on helping them become financially independent and creative professionals.
Priscilla is on a mission to start a global movement that empowers young underserved women to leverage the nail industry and change the trajectory of their lives.


“I’ve learned more about nails in a week than I learned the entire time I was in beauty school.”
“No one ever explained the beauty industry to me like that before.”
“I didn’t expect that using my creativity in the nail industry could save my life.”

Speaking Topic

Recruiting And Training Graduating Beauty School Students: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most frustrating things salon owners face when hiring graduating beauty school students is the recruiting and training process. They spend time, income, and resources to give students an opportunity, but it often becomes difficult due to their lack of experience in the industry. In her talk, Priscilla discusses how to “never lose” when hiring a new nail tech with her proven process she has used dozens of times in her salon. Attendees will learn how to best train a brand-new nail tech and empower young women to succeed.
Empowering Young Women To Create A Brighter Future
Over the past 7 years, Priscilla Smith has helped transform the lives of dozens of women, enabling them to turn their passions into successful full-time careers.

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