Rachel Rappaport

Founder Of The Unstuckable™ Movement, Coach

About Rachel

Rachel Rappaport is the founder of The Unstuckable™ Movement, an international company that uplifts female entrepreneurs who find their businesses floundering due to life’s obstacles. Rachel has honed her specialty in shattering false profit ceilings and discarding limiting beliefs. She specializes predominantly as a mindset coach nudging others toward unlimited potential. Migrating to the USA at 26 with merely $500 and modest English proficiency, Rachel built a business that she sold for a multi-million dollar amount. Drawing from her experiences, Rachel equips small business owners with the necessary tools and attitude adjustments to become Unstuckable™. She instills the courage to implement desired changes, inspiring clients to actualize their dreams and strike a well-balanced life for enduring peace of mind.

Rachel is on a mission to help 10,000 small business owners break the glass ceiling of their first million dollars and achieve peace of mind by 2025.


“Rachel Rappaport is in the top 5% out of hundreds of transformational trainers that I personally trained around the world. Her unique skills to engage with any type of group and her ability to sense their needs and make a connection with them along with her ability to empower, enrich, and energize a crowd of any size, make it a worthwhile investment to have her.”

— Jack Canfield, founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup For The Soul™ publishing empire

“Rachel Rappaport carries a natural charisma and energy that exudes excellence. Her passion for the growth in humankind that Hashem [G-D] has surrounded her with is unmatchable. Her fire and spirit are contagious and envelop the room with creative energy.” 

— Mike Barwis, CEO of Barwis Methods

“Rachel Rappaport’s power to help anyone create lasting change and success stems from a combination of her personal life experience and deep understanding of people. She is captivating and truly invests herself in each individual. I am happy that I received the opportunity to learn from her.” 

— Naomi B., Entrepreneur

“Rachel taught me that at any age or stage, I can change my life. I discovered strengths I never knew I had and learned that the sky’s the limit.” 

— Tamar L.

Speaking Topic

Breaking Barriers: Unleash Your Business Potential And Shatter The Glass Ceiling

Many accomplished businesswomen feel trapped in a cycle of difficulties when trying to scale their businesses. In this talk, Rachel outlines how to break free from the barriers that are limiting your potential.

She covers: 

  • How to connect with your potential by striking the perfect balance between “human doing” and “human being” 
  • Why you should grasp and employ the life-changing formula E + R = O and see its immediate impact on your personal and professional life 
  • The concrete creativity tools to overcome any hurdles standing between you and your next level of success
  • How a synergistic team can help shatter the glass ceiling limiting your growth

Attendees will walk away with strategies to conquer feelings of stagnation, tools to cultivate a peaceful mind and a harmonious life, and techniques to manage their time effectively, making space to pursue the activities they love the most.

Break Free From Limitations And Live Your Dream Life

Rachel is an international transformational speaker who empowers women to increase their bottom line and live their dream lives. She is on a mission to help 10,000 small business owners smash through their million-dollar barriers and find peace of mind by 2025.

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