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Founder of Urban Equities LLC, Speaker

About Randy

Randy is the Founder of Urban Equities LLC and Senior Investment Advisor for Compass Nashville – the largest RE brokerage firm in the US. As a real estate broker, he has closed over $1 billion in investment real estate transactions. As a property manager, he has managed over 1 million square feet of multifamily office and retail assets. He is also an investment syndicator and passive investor and currently owns more than 1,800 multifamily units in Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee.
Randy now helps busy professionals move from W2 employees to real estate investors so they can generate passive income, minimize their taxes, and even create generational wealth. He is on a mission to present his “Forever Income Plan’’ to 100,000 people by 2030.


“As a Texas resident and experienced multifamily investor, I have great interest in diversifying my holdings to multiple markets. I’ve spent time with Randy and Jenny Holland. I’ve come to realize two things. First, the know-how obtained from decades of investment experience in multiple markets, first as a broker and then as a sponsor and asset manager, were the essential attributes I needed to grow my investments; and second, their integrity allows me to sleep at night. I know they are working hard to maximize my returns and that their personal interest is secondary to the outcome of their investors. I recommend the Hollands and the Urban Equities team wholeheartedly.”
Gyle Dale
“Randy and Jenny joined my Apartment Investor Mastery program in 2019. Since their affiliation, I have come to know and respect them as capable deal sponsors with many years of experience, know-how, and most importantly, integrity. In fact, Jen and I are co-sponsors with them on a large project in the Nashville market where their team is the designated asset manager. If we have entrusted them with our hard-earned money, you can trust them, too. If you are interested in leveraging your investment dollars into multifamily investments, the Hollands and their Urban Equities team are a great choice for leading that investment.”
Brad Sumrok
“I wholeheartedly recommend Randy, Jennifer, and Austin Holland for your next passive multifamily investment. As a real estate sponsor myself, I know how important the management team for any investment is. Moreover, there are very few sponsors I am interested in investing in. The Hollands and the team at Urban Equities LLC meet the burden of my very high bar. They demonstrate excellence in leadership, attentiveness, and communication. Above all, their integrity is unmatched. I recommend the Hollands and the Urban Equities team wholeheartedly for the care and growth of your hard-earned money.”
Andy Noguiera

Speaking Topic

How Multifamily Real Estate Can Massively Change Your Life: 3 Things Every Busy Professional Should Know

In this keynote talk, attendees will gain valuable insights into the world of multifamily real estate investing. Randy Holland, an expert in this field, will demystify the complexity of real estate investing and show attendees how to create a truly passive income stream that is also tax-advantaged. The talk will cover the power of multifamily real estate investing and its ability to transform the lives of busy professionals, why a high salary does not necessarily equal freedom, and four key ways multifamily investments pay off. Attendees will leave this talk with a newfound understanding of how they can leverage multifamily real estate to achieve financial freedom while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Unlock The Secret To Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing
Randy Holland helps professionals demystify the complexity of real estate investments, pay less in income taxes, and create a path to financial independence.

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