Rob Downs

Cyber Security Expert, President & Chief Technology Strategist At Managed IT Solutions, Speaker

About Rob

Rob Downs is the President & Chief Technology Strategist at Managed IT Solutions with 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Having owned Palladium Networks since 2001, his company acquired Managed IT Solutions in 2014. Rob helped grow the company from a basic IT support firm to a provider of cloud services and then a leading cybersecurity firm.
Prior to starting his own companies, Rob gained invaluable experience at a range of IT firms, from small computer companies to Fortune 100 behemoths. Drawing from this experience, Rob prioritized customer service and quality service in building his own companies. As a result, he has established himself as a trusted and respected figure in the IT industry.
Rob is on a mission to secure 41,667 computer workstations and have their users maximize their productivity by December 2032. He wants Managed IT Solutions to be the go-to IT and cybersecurity provider for 5-50 user companies nationwide!


“They have become an integral part of our success. Managed IT Solutions has been a trusted and reliable business partner for HCW Employee Benefit Services since 2002. During this time, we have found that Rob does not simply deliver technology for technology’s sake, but he delivers IT solutions to help resolve the business issues we have faced. As we have grown from 5 employees to over 40 employees in a very dynamic industry, MITS has demonstrated its creativity and created value for our company.”
Todd Y., Partner
“Managed IT Solutions is there to resolve all of my IT issues. As one of the very first customers of Managed IT Solutions, I have truly had a chance to grow my business alongside Rob Downs. Rob is a very genuine business owner that understands the real value of going above and beyond the call of duty for his clients. Since day one, MITS has been there to encourage my business to its true potential. I have unfaltering confidence in the work that is performed by Rob and his team of technicians, as my experiences with Managed IT Solutions have been more valuable than words can justify.”
Joey S., Owner
“Time is money and very important to me. When you have multiple office personnel, and the system goes down, you get hit not only with the cost of repair, but also the cost of downtime. With Managed IT Solutions’ monitoring service, they often know before I do when there’s a problem with my network and proactively resolve it before it escalates and impacts my bottom line. I receive monthly reports which update me on issues resolved in the background, which could’ve disrupted my day-to-day functions, had they not been detected. When we do have to call, we always get a quick response and resolution. To me, the benefits we reap from retaining Managed IT Solutions as our IT firm are a key consideration in our monthly budget. I know we aren’t the only customer they manage, but it feels like it, because we get such great support when we need it!”
Scott R., President
“Managed IT Solutions has been my go-to IT partner since 2011. As with any business, running a fast-paced insurance agency requires that all your devices and systems work together to keep your entire infrastructure moving along. MITS’ managed services take the guesswork and reactiveness out of IT, freeing me to grow the company and meet our goals. I rest easy knowing they’ve got my back, whether it’s a workstation that needs a new hard drive, a printer not communicating with the network, a VoIP phone how-to question, or an email glitch. I rest easy knowing our data’s safe and our files backed up securely, offsite. Recently, I had a chance to witness first-hand the importance of managed services. Their monitoring software alerted them that the hard drive in my workstation was failing. They coordinated with Dell warranty to send a new drive, cloned my bad drive, and had my PC back on my desk the next day, hardly giving me time to miss it! Their staff is always friendly and responsive – I know I can always count on MITS!”
Matt C.

Speaking Topic

From Hero To Zero: The Risk Of A Single Click For Businesses

A business’s reputation and financial standing can be destroyed with just one click. In his talk, Rob provides insights and strategies for preventing common cyberattacks that could result in significant losses for a company. He also shares how to utilize technology to boost productivity. Audience members will learn how to identify “clumsy” computers at their company; find “1 click risks” in their system; the top technology risks they need to avoid; and how to verify their company’s technology framework.
Safeguarding Your Business In The Digital Age
Rob Downs provides practical advice for businesses to safeguard their operations and financial stability from cyberthreats in the digital age and boost their efficiency as an organization.

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