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Consultant At Smart Decisions, LLC

About Ron

Ron Silva is a dynamic tech consultant specializing in empowering service-based companies, including HVAC, contractors, pool installers, and plumbers, who are seeking a transformative shift in their operations. With a keen understanding of the challenges they face — disorganization, overwhelm, and a yearning for improved efficiency — Ron steps in to guide them toward a better way of doing business. By addressing critical pain points such as client retention rates, financial losses, and project delays, he helps them break free from the cycle of blame and uncertainty. Through his expertise in tailored tech solutions, Ron is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every business, enabling them to streamline their processes, allocate ample time to each project, and ultimately achieve remarkable financial growth.
Ron is on a mission to help 100,000 service-based companies reduce stress and be more efficient by 2030.


“You are really great! So professional and responsible! I really admire that, and thank you so much for your contributions to the success of this project! I’d work with you any time! Thanks so much!”

— Kelly Y., Producer
“You’re a topper and a hero! Thank you so much for your willingness, skill, and help.”  
— Susie S.

Speaking Topic

Breaking The Cycle Of Overwhelm: 3 Key Strategies For Seamless Business Operations

As a business grows, so does the seemingly never-ending list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Leaders and their key employees are drowning in all of these tasks, causing a lack of growth and many times, making businesses fail. In his talk, Ron Silva shows attendees what organization is, how to love it, the one skill every service business owner needs, and how to implement tech that saves hundreds to thousands of hours a year for their company. Attendees will walk away with easy-to-implement strategies that quickly get them back to loving their business through reprioritizing the day-to-day, making lists that make sense for them, and eliminating time-wasting distractions fast.

Efficiency Unleashed:
Transforming Service-Based Businesses With Tech Solutions
Ron Silva is dedicated to streamlining business operations, empowering companies to save valuable time and resources through tailored tech solutions for service-based businesses. With a bold mission to impact 100,000 companies by 2030, Ron is driven to alleviate stress and enhance efficiency, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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