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Founder & CEO Of OsteoVenture, Holistic Health Coach, Speaker

About Rory

Rory Lemon is a highly experienced and empathetic holistic health coach specializing in supporting neurodivergent individuals on their journey toward personal growth and empowerment. With over two decades of dedicated study and practice in various holistic health modalities, Rory has developed a unique and effective solution for neurodiversity based on his own firsthand experience and deep understanding. He is dedicated to guiding and empowering young adults who often feel frustrated, unsupported, scattered, and unheard of due to their struggles with “fitting in.” Through clear communication and tailored techniques that address both the mind and body, Rory helps his clients gain clarity, build a compelling vision, and take positive action. By unlocking their true potential and refocusing their energy, neurodivergent individuals can achieve the results they’ve always desired and embrace their highest expression today and for years to come.

Rory is on a mission to help 100 million neurodiverse people celebrate and share their unique gifts and talents with the world to grow awareness, positive impact, and inclusion by 2033.


“With Rory’s help, I’ve overcome guilt and self-blame, along with the fear of not being perfect. I now recognize my patterns, allowing me to show up as I am and feel proud, inspired, and relieved. Rory’s leadership, knowledge, and explanations are fantastic, and the encouragement to participate and share has deepened my understanding. Thank you so much, Rory!” 

—  Laura

“I feel healed, transformed, and euphoric with joy from being blocked and deeply hurt. I feel completely myself again, and I almost have no words to express my thanks, gratitude, and appreciation, and I absolutely could not have got to the root of those specific injured areas.” 

—  SAM

“Before working with Rory, I felt constantly frustrated and exhausted by not understanding how my energies and mind really work. I literally would get taken along the ride. I think he’s at the forefront of new understandings about human beings. I’ve learned practical methods to harness the power of my mind, and I’ve enjoyed doing it as well.” 


“Earlier this year, I felt not in a great place. I had low moods, anxiety, and was having problems with sleep. Rory as a coach was supportive and patient. He was motivational, and he held me to account in terms of the goals I’d set for myself, but he was also fun to work with. How I’m feeling now? I’m feeling calm, stable, and regulated emotionally. I’m feeling positive, proactive, and I’m procrastinating less.” 

—  JO

Speaking Topics

From Frustration To Fulfillment: Embracing And Expressing Yourself Fully In A Neurodivergent World

In a world that often fails to embrace neurodiversity, many individuals find themselves struggling to fully express their true selves and face feelings of frustration, isolation, and being unheard. In his captivating keynote talk, Rory Lemon unveils a transformative journey that takes attendees from a state of scattered thoughts to crystal-clear thinking, guiding them to build a vision that aligns with their unique purpose. Through the power of simple yet profound techniques that restore harmony between the mind and body, Rory empowers his audience to refocus, reconnect, and manifest the long-awaited results they’ve always desired. This enlightening session is a call to embrace our authentic selves, unlocking the full potential within and making an even greater impact on the world around us.

3 Powerful Strategies To Navigate Anxieties, Unleash Creativity, And Feel Empowered In Your Life

Are you someone who constantly feels like they are missing great opportunities to develop their gifts and talents and struggling with following through on the most important things in life? In his talk, Rory Lemon reveals the 3 R’s of Recognize (Clarity), Refocus (Vision), and Results (Positive Action). Attendees will know know what it means to be neurodiverse and how to use these powerful steps to create ease and flow in their lives no matter what they are facing, what moment they are in, or what comes their way. Attendees will walk away knowing how to celebrate their neurodiversity and share their unique gifts and talents with the world so that this awareness comes out naturally with positive impact and inclusion. 

The Power Of Self-Care: Level-Up Your Life And Embrace Your Authenticity

In a world where self-care takes a backseat and personal aspirations often get sidelined, many struggle to find their rightful place and live the life they truly desire. Join Rory Lemon in this transformative keynote as he unveils the path to reclaiming your voice, cultivating clarity amidst chaos, and unlocking the power of positive self-expression. Through practical techniques and profound insights, attendees will emerge with a deep sense of purpose, armed with the tools to thrive in perfect alignment with their minds, body, and soul. Get ready to step into the life you’ve always envisioned and authentically share your unique essence with the world.

Embrace Your Unique Brilliance: Empowering Strategies For Neurodiverse Individuals

For the past two decades, Rory Lemon, a holistic health coach, has harnessed a diverse range of holistic health modalities to develop a unique solution for neurodiversity. He is now dedicated to empowering 100 million neurodiverse individuals to embrace and showcase their exceptional talents and gifts, fostering awareness, positive impact, and inclusivity by the year 2033.

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