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Founder Of Rose’s Colored Designs, Speaker

About Rosemary

Rosemary Cannistra is the founder of Rose’s Colored Designs and a 35-year veteran of motherhood who understands the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in a challenging world. After teaching English in Japan, Rosemary discovered the uplifting power of fun and inspiring graphic tees. She now uses her expertise to help busy moms who are worried about their family’s mental health. Her wearable affirmations provide women with easy and stylish outfits that carry positive messages, so they can feel good every day and carry that positivity wherever they go. With Rosemary’s guidance, moms can create a brighter and more joyful future for themselves and their families.

Rosemary is on a mission to inspire 1 million moms who work at home to feel good about themselves through mantra t-shirts and swag by 2030!


“My nephew, brother, and I ADORE these shirts. Especially the personalization of cats’ names.”

— rosena

“Rose is totally amazing. I gave her a job last minute, 3 days prior to needing shirts with my logo. They came out on point and were beautiful. Rose’s workmanship was outstanding, and her personality as well. If you ever need a design, check out Rose’s Colored Designs, and you won’t be disappointed.” 

— Jenny, Barbershop Business Owner

“This is the cutest design I have ever seen. I am a huge dog lover & I can’t wait to wear it. Great customer service – thank you.”  

— Stephanie

“Just got my shirt. It is sooo soft, and the design is perfect. I wish I had bought another shirt. I’ll be back.”  

— Emily Perez Garcia

Speaking Topics

The 15-Minute Solution: Achieving Positivity And Balance As A Busy Mom

Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up with everything that needs to be done in a day? As a busy mom, it can be hard to find balance and keep your sanity. In her talk, Rosemary Cannistra shares her three secrets to help busy moms achieve balance in their lives. From her Signature 15-minute strategy plan to finding positivity in the midst of chaos, attendees will learn practical tips and strategies to take control of their day and feel more empowered as moms. Plus, Rosemary will discuss how these strategies can be applied even after the kids leave the nest, making it a timeless resource for busy moms at any stage of life.

From Chaos To Control: 3 Secrets For Busy Moms To Reclaim Their Lives

As a busy mom, finding balance and control can seem impossible. Join Rosemary Cannistra as she shares her personal journey and 3 actionable secrets to help you gain control of your home and your life. Learn how positive mantras can help you stay motivated and uplifted, even in the midst of chaos, and leave with practical strategies to create a positive environment in your home.

Empowering Busy Moms: Unlocking The Secrets To Achieving Balance And Positivity

With 35 years of motherhood experience, Rosemary understands the significance of positivity in navigating life’s challenges. Her goal is to inspire one million work-from-home moms to feel confident and empowered by 2030.

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