Ryan Zofay

Founder Of We Level Up and Ryan Zofay Coaching, Transformational Coach, Facilitator of Change, Executive Consultant

About Ryan

Ryan Zofay is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Founder of Ryan Zofay Coaching Center and We Level Up. Ryan has a unique ability to facilitate deep change for individuals and organizations. Using the teachings of his own successes and failures, he teaches personal development strategies that measurably improve performance, connection, and mindset.
We Level Up was created to drive a moment of change, serve as liberation from the mental chains that bind us, and enable us to operate at our fullest capacity. It is a lifestyle with the purpose to live in empowering beliefs through connection, authenticity, self-love, emotional integrity, and service to others. Many people wonder why they are always living the same patterns over and over, feeling like victims, or making the same choices which always lead to stress, anguish, and inevitable upset. We Level Up offers not an answer, but a solution to these grave dilemmas that face us on a daily basis via personal development events, coaching, and drug and alcohol treatment.
Ryan is on a mission to transform one million lives by teaching them how to be loyal to the rituals that keep them mentally and physically strong.


“The work that I’ve done with Ryan Zofay has allowed me to create a life that I didn’t even know existed. It has given me the tools to be able to have control of my life and to reach levels that I didn’t know were possible. Every area of my life is thriving while I remain teachable and create new ways to step up in all areas. I couldn’t imagine going back to the way that I used to live. It’s honestly like looking at life through a different lens. It has taught me to take responsibility for my actions, not personalize things, and utilize every situation in life as a growth tool.”
— Adam Roth
“I thought Ryan’s event was an enlightening experience. It got me in tune with my potential self and made me realize the boundaries I created were only in my head and that I am able to accomplish more than I ever believed. The anger pod exercise he facilitated was freeing; I had a lot of pent-up emotions toward my father, and it allowed me to really dig deep and let out those resentments in a healthy, safe way. During the breathwork portion of Ryan’s event, I had an amazing new experience. It felt almost like I had a spiritual awakening. I felt like I was on a cloud. I hadn’t cried in 4 years, and I was whimpering like a child. After the event, I felt like a feather and like I had released unresolved traumas. Walked in damaged, came out just a little bit repaired.”
— Chris Villamayor, Admissions Coordinator
“For me, the level up personal development series has been groundbreaking. I went in not knowing what to expect, and my mind was blown. I really enjoy the camaraderie that is formed over the weekends. I have made long-lasting bonds within this community and everlasting change in my personal life. I look forward to every event; it has changed all aspects of my life.”
— Sean Farrell, Business development director

Speaking Topic

Get Unstuck In Life: Break Away From Trauma And Step Into Wealth & Abundance

This talk will delve into how past trauma can hold individuals back in their personal and financial lives and provide practical steps to overcome it and step into a state of sustainable wealth and abundance. Attendees will learn to recognize the impact of trauma on their thought patterns and behaviors, develop tools to manage its influence, and adopt a growth-oriented mindset to reach their goals and attain long-term financial stability.
Together, We Level Up
Using the teachings of his own successes and failures, Ryan has a unique ability to facilitate deep change for individuals and organizations and help them operate at their fullest capacity.

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