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CEO Of Sally Page Awakening, Host Of The Ignite Your Sacred Light Podcast, Speaker, Coach

About Sally

Sally Page of Sally Page Awakening and the Ignite Your Sacred Light Podcast host. Once a NASA engineer who survived two near-death experiences, Sally discovered the secrets of whole-person healing that profoundly transformed her life!

With an unwavering commitment to serving others, Sally has become a beacon of transformation, touching the lives of over 35,000 individuals since 2003 as a revered Medical Intuitive and Transformation Coach. Drawing upon her extensive expertise and over 30 certifications in alternative healing, consciousness, and coaching.

Sally is on a mission to help 100 million people heal their deepest pain and transform their lives to live their greatest potential by 2027!


“I have taken the time to create a clear vision and know my bigger picture. I am living my dream of creating heaven on earth. Yes, I’ve been saying this for a long time, but now I feel it and know I am participating in transformational change to create heaven on earth.”

—  Mona, Essential Oil Consultant

“Every time I did the practice, it brought me more heart-womb awareness, and it became stronger and stronger. I found that I just felt happier with myself. I felt empowered. If you really want to take what you’re manifesting to another level, this is a great class because Sally is so supportive in teaching it.”

—  Denise, Electrician

“I went to Sally for health complications after donating a kidney to my brother. Her work immediately gave me a new sense of vitality. I felt completely calm, and I was able to sleep at night again. I found my body getting stronger, and I was gaining so much mental clarity. Now, I’m back to handling the stresses of a high-pressure job in Silicon Valley, plus I am back to running marathons at the speed I was doing before (with one less kidney). The energy work first touched me on a physical level, then progressed to helping me better understand my spiritual journey through meditation and reflection.” 

—  Nick, Engineer

Speaking Topics

3 Strategies To Unleash Your Greatest Potential Without Struggle

Discovering your purpose in order to make a difference and do what matters in your life and others  can be difficult. This can leave people feeling alone and unable to figure out why the work they are doing to try to move forward isn’t working. When one is not living their inner truth, their body knows it, and their life reflects that back. Ignoring your inner truth can show up as issues with health, relationships, or feeling stuck in search of what really matters. In her talk, Sally Page inspires the audience to look at their life and current situation with new eyes. She shows them the three key strategies they can easily implement to live their desired life and finally end the struggle to make the life they want happen. Attendees will walk away knowing what they need to do in order to heal, grow, and thrive no matter where they are in life and what obstacles they face. They will learn how to know if they are experiencing an inner truth or their negative mind and how to connect with their heart and soul’s calling to share that with the world around them.

Embrace Your Innate Gifts: How You Can Make An Impact On The World Around You No Matter How Small

Deep within each of us resides a powerful sense that we are destined for something greater. Yet, when we disregard this inner calling, we confine ourselves and succumb to a sense of desolation. But fear not! In her talk, Sally Page goes beyond the ordinary to reveal the transformative path of aligning with the profound truth of your heart and soul. Attendees will walk away feeling optimistic that they are destined for purpose and impact. They will understand the beginning steps of knowing the truth of their heart and soul and learn to live that truth in their everyday lives. They will will step into step into a new version of themselves  and make the impact they know they were meant to share with the world around them. 

Empowered By Choice: Overcoming Generational Imprints To Design Your Ideal Life

Generational patterns can be both positive and negative, and discovering and ending the negative ones can feel daunting. The imprint of the family environment can shape everything from mindset, social, and emotional structures to genetic and epigenetic imprints. In her talk, Sally Page reveals the energy patterns – including the subconscious and unconscious influences of one’s genetics and environment, and the effects they may have on their life. Attendees will walk away understanding what generational imprints are and how they can break free from old patterns in their lives. They will learn to not let their outer world shape their inner world. And finally, they can be free to live their life from their most authentic self. 

From Struggle To Fulfillment: Sally Page Reveals The Path To Living Your Desired Life

With an impressive repertoire of over 30 certifications in alternative healing, consciousness, and coaching, Sally has dedicated two decades to empowering her clients, and positively impacting the lives of over 35,000 individuals. Driven by a bold vision, Sally is now determined to heal and transform 100 million people, enabling them to embrace their ultimate potential and live a life of profound fulfillment by the year 2027.

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