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Policy Expert and Political Strategist, helped raise over 11 billion dollars in funding

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About Samantha

Known as the “Political Whisperer,” Samantha Corbin is a professional problem solver, connector, and influence builder. As an entrepreneur, Samantha launched multiple businesses and non-profits.

Samantha helps business and non-profit leaders increase their revenue, funding, and influence. She created successful programs, managed national organizational expansions, and led the procurement of over 11 billion dollars in funding for her clients to meet their goals.

Samantha Corbin is on a mission to help 10,000 organizations earn the money and power they need to grow their businesses and meet their goals.


“Sam’s guidance allows us the flexibility to dream in the universe about what is possible in the long term while focusing on achieving what is most probable and actionable in the short term. We were able to secure $8 billion in funding for our initiative.”

“What’s most commendable about her is not just that she’s smart and pragmatic and creative – it’s that she’s effective. I know that she’ll actually show up prepared and with clearly communicated ideas. I also know that I’ll get honest answers and proper follow-through. Simply put, Sam delivers. I recommend her highly.”
“Samantha exemplifies productivity, flexibility, and grace under pressure. In a climate of shifting priorities–and the occasional eleventh-hour pivot–she was always able to quickly regroup and complete the task with excellent results. We were able to get over $3 million dollars in one-time funding, as well as ongoing revenue of over $1 million dollars!”

Speaking Topic

How To Make Your Organization A Money And Power Magnet

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Imagine a future where you can stop wishing, stop worrying, and start taking action to get you to the finish line. You and your bottom line can’t afford to wait! In her talk, Samantha outlines her 3-step process on how for turning your organization into a money and power magnet so you can stop struggling to meet your goals, grow, and increase your bottom line. Attendees will learn to clarify their mission, amplify their message to the right audiences, and learn the strategies to best leverage their relationships and resources to move into action quickly.

Increase Your Funding, Influence, and Impact
Samantha is on a mission to help 10,000 organizations grab the money and power they need to grow, meet their goals and make a change.

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