Sarai Nammur

Founder, Trauma Therapist, Transformational Growth Coach, Speaker

About Sarai

Sarai Nammur is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Qualified Supervisor for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns. She has over 20 years of experience as a therapist and helps others escape their own darkness so that they can stop living in the pain of past trauma and shine their light in this world.
She hosts a virtual community called Circle of Champions Worldwide, which was created to be the voice of hope for people to overcome trauma, reach their full potential, and live a “ThriveLife.” The Circle of Champions Worldwide showcases the Champions in the tribe who wish to tell their story through yearly, virtual and live community events.
Her most recent endeavor has been the creation of the curriculum for the ThriveLife Personal Transformation Program. This program helps successful people reach higher levels of performance and increased fulfillment in all areas of their lives. Through intense personal development, individuals in the program are challenged and taught both the mental skills and attitudes needed to reveal the highest expression of themselves and how to develop the necessary habits to be the intentional creators of their lives.
Sarai is on a mission to positively impact the world by helping 1,000,000 people live in their shine instead of their pain.


“In the span of time that I have known Sarai Nammur, I can honestly say she has taught me more than what most people learn in a lifetime. Sarai really helps you think of ways to help you expand and grow as a human being all around. Her trainings are revolutionary and will help you achieve your best self.”

— Leandro Hernandez

“Working alongside an individual like Sarai, who is so original, a visionary, and an educator, is so special and next level. Working with her, being in her trainings, and simply being around her every day is like getting a front-row seat to the best show you can get tickets to. She always supports you in being the best you, even if you, on a particular day, are only 50% of who you can be. The trainings that I have completed with Sarai have really been moments of transformation for me. I have learned so much about myself, and I have been able to grow and pass on the knowledge to my family, friends, and anyone who is interested in learning about what I did.”
— Starlette Fonseca
“When I first came to Sarai, I didn’t really have an idea about what trauma was or that I, myself, was even traumatized. Through her teachings and personal conversations, I became equipped with tools to identify and move past my traumas. I gained the ability to restore balance in my life and, in doing so, touched the lives of those around me by passing down what I had learned and helped them shift towards awareness and harmony with themselves and their relationships.”
— Gisel Vina

Speaking Topics

3 Steps For Successful People To Overcome Trauma Blocks And Unleash Their Greatness

For successful people who experience trauma blocks that show up as fear, self-doubt, or procrastination. Trauma blocks prevent people from creating higher levels of success and often cause people to second-guess themselves. In her talk, Sarai outlines her 3-step transformational growth process that helps people move through trauma blocks to unleash their greatness and achieve higher levels of success. Audience members will discover why healing their wounded parts is the path to transforming themselves into the type of person that can make their dreams come true, why growth can only happen as we overcome toxic fear and develop new skills, and why thriving is the direct result of courageous, daily action steps we choose to take.

7 Steps To Overcome Conflict Through Positive Communication In Relationships

Conflict is inevitable for nearly any relationship and can be challenging to resolve. This talk is for those who want to learn the art and science of overcoming conflict in relationships through positive communication. In her talk, Sarai shares her approach to using conflict as a chance to deepen understanding and build closer bonds with a partner. Audience members will also discover the importance of effective communication during times of conflict in relationships, the 7 types of communication that kill relationships, and the 7 steps to the art and science of positive communication in relationships.
Live In Your Shine Instead Of Your Pain
Sarai helps people overcome past trauma and gain the emotional, mental, and behavioral habits, skills, and attitudes needed for greater success.

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