Sheles Wallace

Founder of Billionaire Thoughts, Profit Accelerator Coach, Speaker

About Sheles

Sheles Wallace is the Founder of Billionaire Thoughts – a company that helps driven business leaders increase their profits and their operating efficiencies. She is also a sought-after speaker who has shared the stage with business titans such as John C. Maxwell, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Dr. Eric Thomas.
Sheles has led strategic sales efforts, won multiple sales awards, trained other sales professionals, and secured multi-million-dollar contracts with multiple Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries. She grew a commission-only technology sales team with over 5,000 team members in one year and increased revenues by $3 million per year.
As an ActionCOACH, she belongs to a network of over 1,000 business coaches in 74 countries. To this network of brainpower, she adds her experience, an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and extensive real-life training as a Certified Business Coach. Sheles is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps and has the tools to help her clients succeed.

Sheles Wallace is on a mission to help 1,000 business owners add $1,000,000 to their net worth.


“Sheles is an amazing coach and has become an outstanding mentor for our organization. Her ability to coach me as the CEO to identify, establish and implement processes and procedures for our organization that directly affect our bottom line is invaluable. She provides timely solution-oriented roadmaps for our business on a weekly basis, allowing us to push through growing pains and ultimately, be more organized, efficient and profitable! I would highly recommend Sheles as a business coach and trainer; in addition, her demeanor, work ethic, and personality make her a pleasure to work with.”

— Michelle Sullentrup, CEO, myDermRecruiter – the #1 Dermatology Recruitment Firm Nationwide

“In the four months I have been working with Sheles, she has shown me how to be organized, thoughtful, and have a deeper understanding of my business. Her ideas and insights have led me in a whole different direction I didn’t know was possible. She has been positive and encouraging throughout the whole process. I would recommend Sheles to any business owner, especially those feeling overwhelmed or stagnant.”

— Brooke Nielsen, Accountant

“Sheles is wonderful! She helped me so much with great advice for my career in sales. I learned so much during each part of the training. If you need help making sales, Sheles and her company can help you!”

— Libby (Elizabeth Feibelman) Goldman, Helping Small Business Harness the Power of Facebook

“Sheles and her team at Billionaire Thoughts are magnificent! We have been clients of her firm for close to a year. We were already running a successful business for over 40 years. I didn’t know there was so much more to learn. Billionaire Thoughts has shored up my business in the areas of marketing, employee motivation, and incentivizing, and we have made great strides in setting our company apart from others in our industry. It has been an immense pleasure working with Sheles and her team. I have a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future of our business and what we can accomplish in the years ahead. I highly recommend Billionaire Thoughts to any entrepreneur or CEO who wants to renew their edge and be the best in their field.”

— Latashia Smith, Director, Buttons and Bows Preschool

Speaking Topics

The Cash Flow Blueprint: How To 10x Your Cash Flow And Make Your Business Sustainable

Many entrepreneurs have a good grasp on the importance of sales and profit, but they may not understand why it’s paramount to stay on top of cash flow. Your cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. So, how do you keep it flowing? In her talk, Sheles dives into her “cash flow blueprint” and outlines her process to increase cash flow and make one’s business more sustainable.

5 Ways For Couples In Business To Increase Their Profits And Relationship

Starting an enterprise with a spouse requires balancing two partnerships: the relationship as well as the business. And the stakes are never higher. Working with your partner can distract you from your business or strain your relationship, but it could just as easily bring you closer together while doubling the passion to make it succeed. In her talk, Sheles outlines 5 ways couples in business can increase their profits and relationship. 

Ascend Your Business From Good to Great
Sheles helps business leaders achieve more using proven tools, methodologies, and systems that have been tested and perfected by over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over the past three decades. 

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