Stephanie Whittle

Founder of HVAC GrowthLab, Author, Speaker

About Stephanie Whittle

Stephanie is the founder of HVAC GrowthLab with over ten years of experience in turning homeowners into customers for life. The best-known contractor will beat the best contractor every time. Stephanie strives to partner with the best contractors to help them WIN. She is the industry leader in helping residential contractors fix their marketing so they can grow profitably and focus on running a business they love. She is the author of HVAC Customers For Life: How To Turn $25 Leads Into $25,000 Customers In 90 Days Or Less, scheduled for release in January 2023.

Stephanie Whittle is on a mission to help 500 of America’s top HVAC contractors double their business through profitable marketing by 2027.


“I have worked with 9 different marketing companies and HVAC GrowthLab is TOP NOTCH. They are the only company I have actually stayed with beyond the initial contract, by choice. I enjoy working with them and feel like they really care and over-deliver whenever possible. Really great company to work with.”


“I’ll be honest – I’ve hired a lot of marketing and leads companies, but I haven’t experienced one with this caring and personal touch. Every contractor is different, but we all do have common challenges. It’s great to finally work with someone who takes the time to learn the ins and outs of what YOU are doing and identify where you can get the most bang for your buck. Highly recommended.”


“Fair, honest, and they won’t work with my competitors so we get all the calls. The way they have it set up to send us new jobs is a well-oiled machine – takes a lot of the workload off the receptionists and saves us a lot of man hours. The best source of consistent new customers I’ve ever found. Better than Google Ads, SEO, and everything else we’re doing online, combined.”


“I highly recommend the services of this company; they did an outstanding job for what I asked for. Steph Whittle is awesome!”


Speaking Topics

How to Turn $25 Residential HVAC Leads into $25,000 Customers for Life

Some HVAC companies drop thousands of dollars on ads with no clue about what’s actually working for their business. In her talk, Stephanie Whittle outlines her process for maximizing the lifetime value of a customer. With this, she has been able to turn $25 leads into $25,000 customers! 

How To Profitably Grow Your Residential HVAC Business During a Recession

In any business, it’s important to be prepared for difficult times. This is especially true in the HVAC industry, where seasonal fluctuations can have a big impact on revenue. However, there are a number of strategies that HVAC businesses can use to weather a down market. In her talk, Stephanie Whittle outlines her process to help squash the “seasonal roller coaster,” minimize dealing with tire kickers and ensure clients pursue you.

Profitable HVAC Marketing

Stephanie Whittle helps residential HVAC business owners who struggle with marketing to grow profitably by acquiring more customers, increasing average sale value, and turning buyers into repeat customers for life.

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