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Founder of Fear Into Faith Inc., Author, Success Coach

About Summer

Summer Dey is a highly sought-after international speaker, author, and success coach who has changed countless lives with her powerful and transformative message of shifting “Fear into Faith.” She has spoken to and motivated thousands of people on platforms across the globe and uses her voice to ignite vision, passion, and purpose in her audience.
Summer has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades and has worked with over 20,000 people on how to “own the spotlight.” She spent years developing her skills and was coached and trained by some of the greatest motivational speakers on the planet, including Pete Vargas, Pat Quinn, Dani Johnson, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Tamara Lowe, and Les Brown! She now helps other coaches master their voices so they can make a BIG impact for the Kingdom!
Summer Dey is on a mission to inspire 1 million women to conquer adversity by helping 10,000 women confidently share their stories with the world.


“For several years, I had the desire to share my knowledge of physical and emotional wholeness. I felt at such a loss on what steps to take until I worked with Summer. I was so grateful she gave me simple steps that I could follow to launch my new coaching program. Within a month of launching my own coaching program, I had 5 paying clients! I am so grateful for Summer’s skills. Having my own coaching program is a dream come true for me.”
“I used to be paralyzed by fear. I had a lot of opportunities in my life, but I wasn’t acting on them. I met Summer and heard her speak for 5 minutes about fear being deliberate disobedience to God. I went out and began to implement the things I learned from Summer and made $29,000 in the next two weeks! It was by far the most I had ever made before!”
“I can’t think of a better person to learn from on how to hold a successful event online AND offline! I signed up for Summer’s last event in July and was blown away by how captivated I was on the screen and truly did not want to miss ONE second of gold! It was one of the BEST virtual events I have ever attended, and I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you, Summer, for bringing all of you and giving so generously through your presence on stage – truly a remarkable leader!”
“When I first learned about Summer’s course, I was skeptical of what she could do for me. From the first zoom call, I knew that my life was going to change. I learned to let go of my pride and be vulnerable and honest with my challenges by trusting Summer and the process. Before the course, I felt lost and overwhelmed without purpose and direction. I stopped spending time and energy in my own head in a state of regret, shame, and guilt and started living in the present and focusing on how I could serve those I love. This mindset shift has been amazing. I am so grateful for Summer and her hard work and life experiences that have allowed her to come into my life exactly when I needed her.”

Speaking Topics

How Betrayal Helped Me Build A $1,000,000 Coaching Business As A Christian Woman

In this talk, Summer shares her personal story of how experiencing betrayal led her to build a successful coaching business. She discusses the challenges and struggles she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. She also shares insights on how her faith played a role in her journey and how she used her experiences to help others achieve their goals and build successful businesses. Audience members will learn the 5 words to remove from their vocabulary that are destroying their confidence; the top 3 words to add to their vocabulary to increase income; and the 1 thing to add to their morning routine that will change their entire day.

The 5-Step Formula To Shift Your Fear Into Faith And Become An Unstoppable Force For God

This talk provides a 5-step formula for transforming fear into faith and becoming an unstoppable force for God. Summer will share practical strategies for building spiritual strength and resilience and offer guidance for overcoming obstacles to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Attendees will also learn how to tap into their inner power, trust in God’s plan, and take bold action to achieve their goals and fulfill their destinies. Whether you are looking to deepen your relationship with God, overcome personal challenges, or make a positive impact on the world, this talk will provide the inspiration and tools you need to become unstoppable.

How To Use Confidence As A Christian Woman To Find Clients

This talk will focus on how Christian women can use confidence as a tool to attract and retain clients in their coaching businesses. Summer will discuss the importance of self-assurance and self-belief in building successful relationships with clients and provide practical tips and strategies for building and maintaining confidence in a professional setting. Additionally, the talk will explore how faith and belief in oneself as a Christian woman can play a role in one’s professional success and how to incorporate these values into one’s business practices.
Helping Women Around The Globe Shift FEAR Into FAITH
Summer Dey helps women master their voices so they can make a greater impact and scale their businesses.

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