Tiffany Mittal

CEO of Utility Ranger, Speaker, Energy Consultant

About Tiffany

Tiffany Mittal is a multi-family owner, investor, and entrepreneur. She has worked in the multi-family real estate industry for over 13 years, both as an owner-operator of multi-family apartments and as an executive in property technology known as Proptech. She has led massive growth in multiple Proptech startups both in utility billing and payment technology.
In 2020, she launched her own Proptech start-up, Utility Ranger, a tenant utility billing software company. The company was created because of her commitment to democratizing the property technology space to create opportunities for multi-family investors to grow their portfolios and wealth – and believes this platform is a great way to do so. In 2021, Tiffany pitched Utility Ranger to 10X Incubator, led by Grant Cardone and Jared Yellin, and they offered her a partnership deal of a lifetime on the spot. She also serves as the Independent Rates Oversight Committee’s Chair in San Diego, improving the city’s access to fair utility rates.
As a graduate of the University of San Diego with a Master’s in Global Leadership, Tiffany continued to pursue higher education, and in 2015, graduated from Harvard Business School’s General Management Program. In 2021, Tiffany completed two additional programs at HBS, a certification in their Real Estate Management Program, Finance, Design, and Leadership, and later that year, completed the Women on Boards Program.
Tiffany is on a mission to create $100 billion in property-value increase for her clients by 2028.


“This was an incredible video. You and Mark are both bright people, and the fact that you could share this all in such plain, understandable English is a testament to your competence! Well done!”

— Christine LaMarca, CPA, CCRM, Rental Housing Provider & Advocate

“Finally, an answer to my multi-resident single-meter nightmare. I have been eating the burgeoning utilities cost for my duplexes and single-family homes w/ ADU additions, but not since we employed the Utility Ranger. I signed my Property Manager up, and now Pacific Property leverages Utility Ranger with their other accounts.”
— Whatley MJ

Speaking Topic

How To Increase The Profits In Your Multi-family Properties Without Investing Any Money

For multi-family property owners who want to increase their profits, reduce their expenses, and increase their property values without investing any money. In her talk, Tiffany outlines the fastest way owners can add value to their multi-family properties through utility billing. Audience members will learn how to determine whether they are at market-rate rent, the formula to add value to their multi-family apartments, and how to get their tenants to pay for their water.
Simplify Tenant Billing For Utilities & Boost Net Operating Income
Helping multi-family property owners increase their profits, reduce their expenses, and increase their property values without investing any additional money.

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