Tracey Burgess

CEO Of Wake Up Down Under, Wealth Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, And Mum

About Tracey

Tracey Burgess, a renowned author and CEO of Wake Up Down Under, has spent over three decades driving transformational change in some of the world’s largest organizations, enabling them to achieve even greater success.
She is the author of the best-selling book Powerhouse Women: She Built It Herself and a champion of women’s empowerment. Tracey now helps women unlock their full potential and achieve ultimate success by overcoming money struggles and cultivating a success-oriented mindset. Through her proven process, she guides women to create careers or businesses they love, making their dreams a reality and transforming them into powerhouse women.
Tracey is on a mission to help 5 million women globally build wealth and create financial freedom by 2028.


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Speaking Topics

The Powerhouse Women Blueprint: Proven Methods For Building Your Dream Business

Struggling financially is one of the number one fears but also one of the number one realities many women face. The way we think about money is a big indicator of how we will interact with it to either push it away or bring it into our lives. In this keynote talk, Tracey Burgess shares her 30 years of experience in implementing transformative change to help you create a sustainable and successful business. Tracey will help you break down mental barriers that keep you from achieving financial success and provide practical strategies to build your dream business. Attendees will learn how to go from start-up to scale-up and become powerhouse women who create their own success.

Be Financially Free: 3 Secrets To Empower Women To Take The Lead In Business And Income Growth

In this keynote talk, Tracey Burgess shares her three secrets to empower women to take the lead in business and income growth, so they can achieve financial freedom. Through her superlife formula, attendees will learn how to create a sustainable business and turn their active income into a passive income stream. Tracey will provide practical strategies and insights for building a strong financial portfolio that will set attendees up for long-term success.

3 Steps To Empower Women To Take The Lead In Business And Income Growth

Tracey Burgess shares her secrets for creating a successful business and building wealth through multiple streams of income. Attendees will learn the power of network marketing and how it can be integrated into their business to generate passive income from anywhere in the world. With her proven techniques and strategies, Tracey will show women how to start their businesses and create a life they love. By the end of this empowering talk, attendees will have the tools and confidence to take charge of their financial future and become leaders in their fields.
Proven Methods For Building Your Dream Business
With a goal to empower 5 million women worldwide to achieve financial freedom by 2028, Tracey Burgess assists in starting and scaling successful small businesses.

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