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Founder and CEO of Omniprint International and Speaker

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Victor Pena is a Speaker, the Founder, and CEO of Omniprint International. He is passionate about helping other businesses grow and succeed through marketing, branding, and creative strategies. 

Victor has spoken at many in-person and virtual events including ASI, Printing United, and Fespa. 

His mission is to provide high quality products at a low cost to allow his customers to earn more, scale their business, and transform their future. 


“Victor truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. You can tell that at the center of Victor’s success is his attitude toward investing in growth and empowering his customers toward the same objective. He is motivated to help others see that there is always something your business can do digitally to optimize opportunity. His understanding of leveraging your team makes him a powerful leader within his industry and a valued speaker.”

Bobby Albert, Values-Driven Culture

“Victor Peña embodies the true definition of success, grit, resilience, and hard work. What he offered to share had value that no dollar amount could match. He’s a true testament to what discipline, a big dream and a lot of hard work can create. If you’re thinking about having them under your show or working with him do yourself a favor and make that decision quickly. He’s a man I would want to partner with because not only do I trust him but he backs up every single thing that he says. He offers tremendous value, incredible insight and then he puts it in a way that is so eloquently digestible that anyone can learn. Thank you my friend.”

Mo Naboulsi | Entrepreneur & Host of the Habits of the Few Podcast

Speaking Topics

Building a Millionaire Brand and Creating a Deeper Connection with Your Audience

In an age where customers have virtually unlimited options, creating a trusted brand is critical to the success of a business. Victor outlines how to market and engage in branding to build your company’s name and reach.

Growth Mindset

It’s not just our abilities and talent that bring us success – but whether we approach them with the proper mindset. Victor discusses how to combat self-doubt and reach your potential by creating a space and product you can take pride in.

Business Growth and DTG

Victor Pena discusses market trends in the industry and what his company has faced. He also outlines how he engages with common obstacles and overcomes them.

Victor Pena discusses market trends in the industry and the highs and lows his company has faced. He clearly outlines how to engage with common obstacles and overcome them which will bring guaranteed business growth.

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