Wren V. McCallister, MD, MBA

Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, Author,
Founder of Better Health Made Easy & HandGuyMD

Helping people live their best life by 
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About Dr. Wren

Dr. Wren is an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, Author, and Founder of Better Health Made Easy and HandGuyMD.

Two decades helping tens of thousands of people overcome hand problems and get back to being their best, led him to a shocking discovery. But it wasn’t until he overcame his own health struggle that it all clicked.

Blending a child’s curiosity with the investigative drive of a scientist to help himself, he dug deep to figure out what creates true health and wellness. The success he was able to achieve led him to consider what was behind much of the pain and discomfort plaguing his patients…and he discovered it was a lack of Foundational Health.

This discovery has forever altered his trajectory and set him on a mission to help people live their best life by making better health easy using the principles of Foundational Health.

How A Hand Surgeon Can Help Your Audience
You may be wondering; how can a hand surgeon help my audience? I get it and before I started HandGuyMD, I wondered the same thing – how can I have maximal impact, helping people avoid the problems I see every day in my clinic.
You see, hand problems are equal opportunity offenders – they don’t care how much money you have, where you live, what you do for a living or who you are. They affect us all at some point in time.
And here’s the thing, I have been fortunate to spend the past two decades helping thousands of people overcome hand pain and numbness. But during that time, I noticed a problem that was preventing people from getting the care they needed – access to expert information and education.
I watched this lack of access to expert information lead to delays in getting care and, as a result, problems became harder to treat with a greater chance of needing surgery. Money was wasted treating the wrong condition or on ineffective treatment and, more importantly, valuable time was lost suffering with pain, numbness or worry about what was wrong with the hand.
It became clear to me that there must be a better way to get help when you have a problem with your hand, or even better prevent one in the first place – and that’s why I started HandGuyMD.
Our goal is to help people just like you and your audience identify, overcome, and prevent hand problems like pain and numbness in less time, with less cost and less stress so they can get back to being their best.
What “Healthy Hands” Means for Your Audience
Using the “Healthy Hands” framework we help your audience prevent hand problems, like pain and numbness. They will benefit by learning the expert information they need to know to avoid hand problems – and what to do when they do have a problem.
Giving your audience the gift of Healthy Hands is something they will remember and thank you for. Dr. Wren and HandGuyMD represent a new, unique, and refreshing addition to any meeting and will benefit any audience.
The value for you, and your audience is real and tangible – to learn just a fraction of what they will get from your meeting they would have to take time off from work, sit in an office for 2 hours, not to mention the cost of the visit.
What’s even worse is that research shows people forget between 40% and 80% of what is communicated in a medical office visit. With Dr. Wren and HandGuyMD on your stage, you can give your audience an experience they will remember – and thank you for.
If your audience is business owners, they will appreciate you providing actionable information they can apply to help their employees remain productive – this translates into more profit with higher revenues and reduced expenses for direct medical costs and industrial insurance.
If your audience is professionals or people who work in an industry, they will appreciate you giving them access to the information they need to prevent hand problems and remain productive doing what they love. They will remember how you saved them time, money and stress getting help to avoid pain and numbness.


“Jacob has totally transformed the way we recruit and hire. We find A+ candidates who fit our job descriptions in record time.”
“Jacob has made a serious impact on how we recruit candidates and maintain relationships. Our external recruiting firm spend was over $500,000 a year and now its almost nonexistent.”

“I never knew the power of Jacob’s Succession Planning model. Our business is like Fort Knox as it relates to talent in waiting. When we have a departure, we already have a plan and a person. This is invaluable.”

Speaking Topics

Healthy Hands – The Key to Happier Employees and Greater Profit 

Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees produce greater profit. What is one thing every employee has in common – their hands! When their hands don’t work well, they don’t either. In this talk, Dr. Wren explains how you can use the Healthy Hands framework to help your employees stay healthy, happy, and productive.

Lessons From a Surgeon – How Did Medicine Get It So Wrong?

Dr. Wren explains how his two decades helping tens of thousands of people overcome hand problems led to a shocking realization – Medicine has it all wrong! That’s right; Medicine has everything upside down when it comes to how health and disease. Learn what is missing and how you can fill in the gaps so you can have the energy, vitality, health, and happines you want as you age.

Unlock the Hidden Secret to Longevity, Weight Loss and Wellness

Dr. Wren reveals the hidden secret to longevity, weight loss, and wellness. In this talk, he walks your audience through how to unlock this hidden secret so they can improve their bone density and joint health, mental health and cognitive function, sleep, longevity, physical performance and mobility, body composition, energy and well-being, confidence, and self-esteem and social connections and relationships. At the end of the talk, your audience will be “pumped” to start taking action.

Making Better Health Easy

Dr. Wren is on a mission to help 1 million people, by 2027, live their best life by making better health easy with the principles of Foundational Health.

Join the mission today and make the decision to give your audience the gift of health and happiness

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