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Certified High Performance & Sales Coach, Podcast Host, and International Speaker at Amplify Your Dreams, Inc.

About Yasemin

Yasemin Inal is the visionary leader behind Amplify Your Dreams, Inc., and a former professor turned entrepreneur. Over the past decade, she has brought her vibrant spirit to the forefront of her work, directly impacting the lives of thousands of overburdened professionals. She helps those who are plagued by stress, burnout, and the fear of falling short of their greatest aspirations by helping them rediscover their joy, tap into their creativity, cultivate presence, and live a life filled with purpose. Through her proven high-performance strategies, Yasemin has helped her clients achieve exceptional results and reach their full potential.

Yasemin is on a mission to help 10 million coaches, consultants, and sales professionals earn more money without sacrificing their health and relationships so they can live a life of purpose.


“Yasemin is full of energy and happiness, and that kind of energy and happiness is contagious. I think it’s important to have someone with that level of consistent energy in your corner as you’re building a successful business.”
— Jennifer Trask, Business Coach
“Yasemin helped me to focus and get clear on my strengths so I could harness them. I have invested so much money in so many programs. I can say without a doubt that high-performance coaching with Yasemin was the best investment I’ve made, not just for my business but for my personal life. High-Performance coaching translates across the board, and it’s helped me on so many levels.”
— Nickey Rautenberg, Marketing Strategist
“I have been part of many masterminds, but I learned more about myself and what I need for my business in this mastermind. Your mastermind has changed my life. You have made me look at my time and energy. I made my self-care a top priority, and guess what? I am making more money than I ever have and spending less in worry, adrenal exhaustion, and working inefficiently.”
— Rachel Feldman, Business Coach for Health Coaches

“As a newly single mom of two young children who left the 9-to-5 to launch a business, I needed coaching to clarify my direction and help me get out of my own way. Earning money and building an audience was essential. I craved a simple process that would mesh with my work-from-home lifestyle and allow me to parent my girls in a way that didn’t shortchange them. In no time, Yasemin was able to grasp what I stand for, my current vision, and my larger mission. Yasemin zeroed in on my roadblocks, mainly fear around money as well as organization and time management, and provided solid strategies to address each issue. I began implementing her suggestions, and I’m pleased with how much I’ve accomplished in such a short period. I am grateful to her for helping me and for making it all seem so effortless. On top of being a superb coach who is totally professional, Yasemin has amazing energy and exudes the right amount of peace combined with ‘can do.‘”

— Stephani Roberts, Relationship Strategist at Audacious Life

Speaking Topics

Alignment Over Achievement: 3 Ways To Experience More Joy As A High Achiever

Are you tired of feeling trapped by your phone and the stress of overwork, even on vacation? In this talk, Yasemin Inal will reveal three practical steps for recharging your energy, reigniting your inspiration, and reclaiming your life. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to more joy, freedom, and time to connect with loved ones without sacrificing productivity. Discover the life-changing strategies used by thousands of busy professionals to live a life of purpose and balance.

How To Sell Ethically Without Manipulating Your Prospects

For sales professionals who want to crush their sales goals and meet their KPIs without manipulating prospects or feeling “icky” about their sales process. Audience members will walk away with an understanding of ethical persuasion, ethical sales, and elevated performance so they can have genuine conversations with prospects and ask them powerful questions to help the prospect enroll themselves.

How To Sustain High Performance Without Hustling

Do you feel like you’re constantly hustling just to keep up with the demands of your career? Are you sacrificing your health, relationships, and well-being for success? It’s time to break the cycle. In this empowering talk, Yasemin outlines how to sustain high performance without burning out. Audience members will learn practical strategies for prioritizing self-care, managing their energy, and working smarter, not harder. Say goodbye to endless hustling and hello to a more fulfilling and successful life.
Unlock Your Full Potential And Thrive In Both Life And Business
Yasemin helps people achieve their best and maintain it in everything they do – from thriving in business to enjoying the most meaningful, fulfilling relationships in their life.

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