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Founder Of Lead Outside The Lines, Visionary Leadership Coach, Speaker

About Tina Parker

Tina Parker, founder of Lead Outside the Lines, brings a unique heart-centered and science-backed perspective to leadership. With a distinguished career as a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and former C-Level Executive, she intimately knows the relentless demands and pressures of navigating a rapidly evolving world. Drawing from her wealth of experience, Tina has become a trusted guide for hundreds of ambitious leaders, empowering them to break free from stagnation, boldly step into their next level of contribution, and cultivate the courage to transform their purpose-driven vision into meaningful impact, all while staying true to their authentic selves. She walks the talk with an M.A. in Leadership and Management, and certifications in Neuroencoding, Brain Health, Transformational Mindset Facilitation, Stake-holder Centered Coaching, DISC Behavioral Consulting, and Awakening Conscious Leadership. 

Tina is on a mission to cultivate 1 million courageously authentic leaders who lead with intentionality and create exponential opportunities and possibilities, sparking a ripple effect of value that benefits billions by 2028.


“I cannot believe how Tina’s programs have changed my day-to-day life and outlook on the future. I am more productive with much-needed family/life balance and have a deeper understanding of how to manage my workload and team. I truly recommend everybody go through her programs if you want to function at an optimum level!”
— Josh Zimmet, Director of Corporate Operations, BLS Trucking
“Tina is fantastic! Thanks to her guidance, I was able to see the path ahead with greater clarity, allowing me to be confident and decisive in the midst of a very challenging situation!”
— Jen Snow, Strategic Advisor, Verus Advisory Group
“I have always been highly successful in my career and didn’t see how I could be an even stronger leader while finally focusing on my own well-being and family. Working with Tina, I was blown away by how fast I shifted into being a better leader for my team, my family, and myself. She brought the missing pieces I had been searching for for a long time.”
— Ron Hendrix, District Manager, Farmers Insurance
“Tina is truly a motivational visionary. Working with her over the past ten years, there isn’t a hurdle she can’t overcome. Her coaching helped me gain clarity about what is possible in both my career and personal life. Having a successful career and being present for my family are now both a reality.”
— Beth Horine, Colonel, U.S. Air Force

Speaking Topics

Three Secrets to DOUBLING Your Time, Energy, And Capacity to Maximize Performance and Well-Being

In today’s world of volatility and uncertainty, it’s crucial for visionary leaders to optimize performance without compromising their well-being. Rather than chasing strategies that require constant hustle and grind, they need the latest neuroscience and authentic leadership techniques to unlock possibilities and turn their vision into impact. In her talk, Tina Parker outlines the three secrets that the top 1% of leaders know about and how to apply them to their everyday lives to help them achieve the level of success and happiness others struggle to find. Her proprietary formula creates the missing link leaders look for to maximize their impact, influence, and income without wasting more time, energy, and resources. Attendees will walk away with three powerful neuroscience techniques that will help them increase productivity, energy, and capacity without compromising well-being.

From Stuck to Unstoppable: How to Execute Your Vision Without Sacrificing Your Soul

In a world changing faster than most people feel equipped to keep up with, courageous leadership has never been more important. Visionary leaders who aren’t afraid to change the status quo and want to capitalize on strengths and opportunities, cultivate collaboration, and embrace smart risks inside and outside their company walls will be the ones the world looks to. In her talk, Tina Parker reveals how to stop playing it safe, break out of the box, and elevate your leadership to create a ripple effect of value for yourself, your team, and all those your vision will impact. Attendees will learn how to bring out the best in themselves and others, no matter the circumstances. They will leave knowing how to turn stress into a strength to unleash hidden resources of productivity and well-being and expand their capacity to create innovative solutions and unlock possibilities.

Soar To New Heights - Break Through To Your Next-Level of Success

Creating new possibilities and breakthrough innovation in a world changing faster than most can keep up with can seem difficult, but it’s not impossible! During her military service, Tina Parker and her team created Fast Company’s #16 Best Workplace for Innovators in The World – a first for a government organization! Most visionaries have great ideas, but without proper positioning and execution, their ideas never take flight. In her talk, Tina reveals how one can execute their vision and take their success to the next level no matter the external circumstances. Attendees will walk away energized to up-level their leadership, creativity, engagement, and innovative action to create the impact they are destined to make and pave the way toward new possibilities today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

From Stuck To Unstoppable: Empowering Leaders To Navigate A Changing World With Authenticity
Tina has guided hundreds of visionary leaders and teams to unlock possibilities and build capacity so they have more time, energy, and freedom to turn their vision into impact without sacrificing their soul. She’s now on a mission to cultivate 1 million courageously authentic leaders who lead with intentionality and create exponential opportunities and possibilities, sparking a ripple effect of value that benefits billions by 2028.

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