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Aaron Chapman is a veteran in the finance industry with 25 years of experience helping clients better understand, source, and finance cash-flow-positive investment properties. He advises over 100 clients a month in the acquisition and financing of their investment properties and primary residences. In an industry of over 300,000 licensed loan originators closing in excess of 100 transactions per month, Aaron is ranked in the top 1% of mortgage loan processers in the country.


“Great experience, communication, and advice. Recommended.”
— Eric G.
“Aaron and his team handled six loans for me in one month. His rates and origination costs simply cannot be beat. He was very prompt with his communication and was easily accessible for any questions I had during the process. He has earned my trust and I will continue working with him indefinitely. The user portal on the website makes uploading documents a breeze and expedites the loan process. Thank you, Aaron!”
“Aaron and his team were awesome! This was my first refinance as an investor, and the team’s deep knowledge and timely communication helped keep my mind at ease throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!”
“With my husband and me being first-time investors, Aaron and his team made our first transaction seamless. Aaron and his team took their time to walk us step by step through what we should expect as well as what was needed from us. We’ve been so happy with the team that handled our loan. Ellen, Andrea, Breanne, and Courtney — what a team! I can’t say enough about ‘my’ team. At any given time you could have asked any one of them and they could tell you where my loan was, how it was doing, and where we all were in the process. Overall, we feel we have the ‘A-team’ on our side!”

Speaking Topics

Instilling Confidence In The Real Estate Investor In A Higher Rate And Higher Inflation Environment

Real estate investors are worried about the impact of higher interest rates and inflation on their returns and cash flow. They may feel uncertain about how to navigate the changing market conditions and protect their investments. Aaron has the solution. In his talk, he shares his proven method of instilling confidence in real estate investors, even in a volatile environment. He explains how to assess the risks and opportunities of different properties, how to optimize your financing and leverage strategies, and how to hedge against inflation and market fluctuations. By the end of his talk, you will have the tools and mindset to succeed as a real estate investor, no matter what the market throws at you.

Why The Interest Rate Doesn't Matter With Real Estate Investing

One of the most common misconceptions in real estate investing is that interest rates are the most important factor in determining the profitability and feasibility of a deal. In his talk, Aaron debunks this myth and reveals why the interest rate does not matter, as long as you know how to structure and negotiate your deals. He also shares the key factors that actually influence the success of your real estate transactions, such as cash flow, equity, appreciation, and tax benefits. By the end of his talk, you will have a clear understanding of how to evaluate and execute any real estate deal, regardless of the interest rate environment.
Passive Profits, Active Power: Mastering The Art Of Cash-Flowing Properties
Aaron’s passion is to empower investors with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to find and fund profitable properties that generate positive cash flow. He shows people how to transform themselves from buyers to leaders of their own real estate investment firms.

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