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About Adam And April

Adam and April King, the driving force behind the Dance King Method, have over 23 years of experience transforming relationships. They harness the art of social dancing to help couples connect, communicate effectively, foster trust, and reintroduce fun into their lives. This time-tested form of communication may have become lost in our modern world. Still, it possesses the unique ability to breathe life into relationships and rekindle the spark of shared experiences. If you are struggling in your relationship or feel disconnected, unhappy, or maybe even a little bored, it’s time to change your rhythm and start moving in sync with your partner again.
Adam and April King are on a mission to save one billion relationships throughout the country and across the globe by 2030.


“Spending time each week together learning something new and something that requires collaboration, communication, and connection has helped keep our marriage strong, fun, and fresh.”
— Amanda And Jim Hearn
“Ron and I have been married 26 years, and more than half of it has included learning from a dance instructor or studio in some form or another. We made a commitment before our God, friends, and family to stick to our marriage and dance…how can I put it best…just made it fun! In dance there can only be one leader, but there are a lot of negotiations a couple has to make on the dance floor in a three-minute song! When polar opposite communication styles like ours meet on the dance floor, we have to really rely on the mechanics of a proper hold, push-and-pull connectivity, synced steps, and timing that our dance instructors like Adam and April have taught us. There is a lot of communication happening as we dance that I have no doubt has helped us connect better on and off the dance floor.”
— Deb And Ron Hilbig
“Our lessons have become a cherished ‘date night’ activity. Our time dancing together allows us to have fun while supporting each other and learning to work together as we master new moves. We love the feeling of being tuned into each other as we dance. Adam is always a blast, making our lessons so enjoyable and something we look forward to every week.”
— Karen And Patrick
“Dancing is not only a fun and romantic activity for us but also an excellent way to strengthen our relationship. We definitely communicate better now than ever before. I read somewhere that dancing is a lot like having a conversation: one person is saying something while the other is listening, and it’s not the same person talking the whole time. It is so true. April and Adam make this a great experience for us.”
— Michael And Heather

Speaking Topic

Embracing Rhythm, Erasing Distance:
Dance Your Way To A Closer Relationship

Are you struggling with disconnection in your relationships? Let Adam and April King guide you toward an enriching emotional bond via social dancing. Regardless of your dance ability, this talk aims to reveal the hidden dancer within everyone, fostering proper connectivity. This session seeks to rebuild authentic, zest-filled relationships as an antidote to screen-dominated communication. Attendees will have a refreshed understanding of communication, recognizing the profound impact of rhythm and movement in forging more robust, more meaningful connections with those around them. They will discover how to enhance emotional synchronization, trust, joy, and satisfaction in all relationships, thus moving in harmony with the world around them to achieve a more satisfying life.
Dance Your Way To A Happier And Healthier Relationship
Adam and April are the ultimate relationship experts who, for over 23 years, have helped thousands of couples reignite their spark, communicate better, strengthen their bond, and enjoy dancing together. Their vision is to rescue one billion relationships around the world by 2030 with their proven dance-based methods.

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