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About Al

Al Wisnefske is a real estate broker, land specialist, coach, and owner of Land & Legacy Group. He helps residential real estate agents understand how to market and sell properties with 3 or more acres at the highest value. Al’s ability to sell “unsellable” properties has gained the attention of multiple media outlets like Penny Hoarder, Milwaukee Real Producers, and Top Agent Magazine.
His unique process helps owners, buyers, and agents gather the correct information, position, market, and sell those “undesirable” rural pieces of property. In the last ten years, Al has sold thousands of acres of unique rural land throughout Wisconsin. His listing and selling strategies help land owners and agents confidently answer questions about the property and get more interest and offers on their property every time.
Al is on a mission to help 5,000 rural property sellers, agents, and potential buyers create a repeatable plan and achieve the highest value for their unique property to start the next chapter of their lives by 2032.


“I’ve been a vendor of Land and Legacy Group for two years now. Al and his team are a pleasure to work with; they are very organized, friendly, and responsive. Knowing how he is with vendors with complete professionalism, I’m sure he would be excellent with clients. I wholly recommend Al for any real estate needs that you may have.”
— Frank Sennish
“As absentee landowners of rural land, my brother, sister, and I were concerned about finding a real estate agent who could handle the sale of our type of property, particularly without our presence. After I took a trip to Wisconsin to interview various agents, including Al, we siblings decided to go with him and were very pleased. He effectively educated us on the process he would use to market the land and then followed through, keeping us informed as he did so. He did an excellent job communicating with me as the primary contact but was also accessible to my brother and sister to answer any questions they had. The property was sold in approximately 2 weeks, and the closing went smoothly. We could not have been more satisfied.”
— Bob Schowalter
“Al is an extremely detailed agent who is excellent at customer service. I’ve been working with Al on a few different projects over the last few years. He gets to know his clients in a personal way that reveals their big “why” so he can help them with the next chapter of their lives – this is different from most agents. He has a step-by-step guide that makes real estate easy and lays out all the information ahead of time. Al is truly an innovative trailblazer when it comes to real estate!”

— Danel Couch

“My investing partners and I worked with Al on the sale of an investment property that we did not have a lot of luck selling with the past listing agents. This was due mostly to the lack of research and knowledge in the area. After getting a letter from Al, we called, and he set up a presentation of how he would approach pricing and marketing our property. From the start, it was a process that we would describe as extremely professional and thorough. His ability to present the current market conditions as well as the comparison prices in the entire market was a huge help. His firm was continually spending money on marketing and listing on new sites, and we were impressed by his knowledge of selling farm land and the local market. From his weekly updates to his constant communication and assistance in negotiations at final closing, Al is first class. Would highly recommend this firm and specifically working with Al.”
— Jeff Belmonti

Speaking Topics

How To Grow Your Real Estate Business By Partnering With Your Competition

Al helps real estate agents who continually turn down valuable rural land because they do not fully understand the value or potential to overcome red flags and underlying issues that typically scare agents and buyers away. Audience members will learn how to research the land and market. They will be equipped with specific questions, research, and comparables to individually audit each property, the owner, and the real estate agent themselves to see if they fit – and ultimately, find the perfect buyer.

Top 3 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make: How To Never Pass Up A Property Again

Most real estate agents find themselves in direct contact with unique rural parcels that come up for sale but seem “unsellable,” and they inevitably pass on the listing. In his talk, Al argues why these types of listings can be lucrative selling opportunities if positioned properly. Attendees will learn how to expand their portfolio using rural listings with a rinse-and-repeat process, no matter how unique the parcel.

3 Key Strategies To Making A Big Impact On Your Community Through Real Estate

This talk will share essential strategies and steps on how any real estate agent can tie what they do back to their communities and, at the same time, position themselves in their market as an agent that can sell anything. Audience members will learn how to uniquely attract more sellers and buyers, expand their portfolio, and include their community in their own personal and professional growth for a larger impact all around.

Helping Rural Property Buyers & Sellers Build and Sustain Their Legacies

In the last 10 years, Al has sold thousands of acres of unique rural land throughout Wisconsin. He’s now on a mission to help 5,000 rural property sellers, agents, and potential buyers create a repeatable plan and achieve the highest value for their unique property to start the next chapter of their lives by 2032.

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