Aleta Sue Rhodes

CEO Of My Journey View, LLC, Financial Literacy Educator, Speaker

About Aleta

Aleta Sue Rhodes, the visionary CEO of My Journey View, LLC, is transforming the landscape of financial education for junior and senior high school students. With a profound commitment to empowering the next generation, Aleta’s pioneering “Journey View Learn To Earn” Program equips administrators and superintendents with a comprehensive toolkit to effortlessly teach money management and financial skills to students. Drawing upon her extensive experience as a seasoned corporate trainer spanning over three decades, Aleta has honed her expertise in developing, implementing, and overseeing transformative training programs for global corporations.
Now, Aleta is on a mission to empower 25,000 junior high and high school students with the essential money skills they need to thrive in their own lives as well as their communities by 2028.


“Aleta Rhodes is a colleague of mine. I have had the pleasure of working with Aleta on several occasions. She is focused, hard-working & sees creative ways to accomplish the task at hand. I am truly honored to work with Aleta at every opportunity. She is truly a valuable asset.”
— Destany Cannady Davis
“I’ve known Aleta for 5+ years, and I feel as strongly about her now as I did when I first met her. Aleta is a rare combination of intelligence and down-to-earthiness. It is always a delight to get a call from Aleta because chatting with her is both fun and thought-provoking. Oh, there is one quality I missed—Aleta is genuinely caring. She cares so much about helping others: the youth, her hometown, and the less fortunate. I have personally witnessed her working for years, with a significant investment of her own personal finances and time in her pursuit to realize these goals. I fully support Aleta in her projects to help as many people as possible. Count yourself blessed to be connected to her.”
— Jason Park
“I have known Aleta Rhodes for over fifty years. I’ve known her to be competent, reliable, and very conscientious at any task she undertakes. I highly recommend her and the products she presents.”
— Sue Freiberger
“Aleta Rhodes is an exceptional leader and trainer, having worked with her in multiple companies over the past 40+ years. Her ability to simplify complex knowledge and connect with her students is remarkable. Aleta’s positive outlook, teamwork, and outstanding work ethic make her an invaluable asset in any training leadership role.”
— Timothy J. Zappala

Speaking Topics

Financial Literacy Revolution: Empowering The Next Generation Of Money-Wise Individuals

In a world where financial literacy is often overlooked, many individuals find themselves grappling with the complexities of money management. With the pressing need to equip students with essential money skills, it’s crucial for schools and administrators to take proactive steps in fostering financial literacy. In her talk, Aleta Sue Rhodes unveils transformative strategies to empower students with the knowledge and mindset to handle money responsibly and cultivate a positive relationship with their finances. With the introduction of new legislative requirements, it is crucial for schools and administrators to take a proactive approach to developing engaging and impactful financial literacy courses that align with budgetary considerations. Attendees will walk away feeling empowered around the topic of money and leave with a clearer path to create the dream and live it!

Money Talks: Equipping Students For Lifelong Success

In today’s fast-paced world, the gap between earning money and knowing how to use it wisely is wider than ever before. In her talk, Aleta Sue Rhodes unravels the keys to transforming students’ perception of earning money and equips them with essential money management skills for a prosperous life ahead. Through a dynamic exploration of practical strategies and insightful techniques, attendees will emerge with a clear blueprint to implement comprehensive money management education that benefits both students and their communities. Discover how to ignite a passion for financial literacy, equip the next generation with vital knowledge, and foster deep engagement around the captivating topic of money management. Let’s pave the way for a brighter future by empowering our children with the tools they need to succeed!

Charting A Path To Financial Freedom: Empowering Educators And Students

Aleta empowers educators and parents with comprehensive money management programs for junior high and senior high schools. Her mission is to empower 25,000 students with essential money skills, fostering personal growth and community prosperity by 2028.

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