Amanda Smith

COO Of Rev5

About Amanda

Amanda Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of Rev5 where she sits at the leading edge of innovation in the agricultural industry. She is known for her transformative contributions to sustainable farming practices. Based in Tampa, Florida, Amanda has leveraged her extensive background in life coaching and humanitarian work to revolutionize agricultural technologies.

Under her leadership, Rev5 pioneered the market with groundbreaking sub-nano products that drastically reduce the need for traditional agricultural inputs, resulting in major savings for farmers, as well as a significant leap forward in efficiency and environmental sustainability. Her journey through recovery from severe sports-related injuries has fueled her mission to improve human health starting from the ground up, advocating for regenerative technologies that rebuild soil and crop health.

Amanda’s vision extends beyond immediate agricultural benefits, aiming to detoxify the planet and enhance human health by 2030.


“Our natural and non-chemical products are outproducing the top chemicals being used to fight this disease to date.”
— Farmer, Mexico
“We are seeing drastic improvements in combating strawberry mildew with natural processes.”
— Local University

Speaking Topics

How To Increase Your Profits & Save Your Farm

Discover a pathway to greater profitability and environmental sustainability in agriculture. This talk by Amanda Smith focuses on cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies that are not only less expensive than traditional methods but also vastly superior in their scientific basis and eco-friendliness. Farmers struggling with high input costs and low returns will learn how to implement solutions that immediately save money, improve soil health, and boost farm profitability. Attendees will leave the session equipped with actionable insights to revitalize their agricultural practices and secure a sustainable future for their farms.

Want To Take Your Production To The Next Level?

Explore the essential balance between agricultural products and environmental health for sustained productivity. In this talk, Amanda delves into how farmers can abandon detrimental practices and embrace regenerative agricultural techniques to ensure successful growth on their existing lands for years to come. Attendees will gain invaluable insights on transitioning to eco-friendly, productive farming methods that promise real, enduring benefits, setting the stage for a new era in agriculture.

The 5th Revolution Of Agriculture: The Blend Of Science And God’s Intentions In Farming

Explore the harmonious blend of modern science and divine stewardship. This insightful talk is perfect for those who yearn to return to the foundational principles of farming while embracing the benefits of today’s technological advances. Learn how to initiate a journey towards regenerative agriculture that not only honors God’s vision for our land but also maintains, if not enhances, agricultural yields and productivity. Attendees will leave with practical solutions that rejuvenate the soil and landscape, ensuring its health and value for generations to come.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Visionary Leader In Sustainable Agricultural Innovation

Amanda’s strategies not only restore profitability for farmers but also enhance the quality and sustainability of agricultural practices. Audiences who have heard Amanda speak have experienced tangible benefits such as increased crop yields, improved profitability, and minimal environmental impact. Amanda is a compelling speaker and authoritative expert for any event focused on innovation, sustainability, and health in agriculture.


Rev5’s work addresses critical challenges faced by farmers, including skyrocketing costs and declining crop quality, through cutting-edge solutions that replenish soil nutrients and resolve crop diseases affordably.

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