Amber Utz

Owner Of Valley Air Conditioning & Heating, Over 30+ Years Of Helping Property Owners Improve Their Air Quality

About Amber

Amber Utz is the owner of Valley Air Conditioning & Heating. With a passion for clean air and a deep understanding of the negative effects of bad air quality on human health, Amber is dedicated to supporting property owners who struggle with respiratory health issues that have not found solutions through conventional practices.
Her interest for clean air stems from personal experience; her own family suffered from health issues caused by moldy air in their home. Through her expertise and experience over the past three decades, Amber has helped hundreds of people improve their health by creating clean air in the indoor spaces they spend the most time in.
Amber is on a mission to help 1 million property owners improve the health of the people living within their environment by improving their indoor air quality by 2033.


“Amber is amazing, and she always gets someone to the house in no time. Do not hesitate to use these guys. They will take good care of you.”
Lori Bates, Property Owner
“Richard and Amber Utz went out of their way to provide us with great service. They are a trustworthy family-run business with a solid reputation. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing heating or air conditioning service.”
Diane Bostwick, Homeowner
“Amber was always very polite and professional when I called.”
Todd Brooks, Homeowner
“Thank you, Amber, for putting together the gift bag. It was a surprise. I’ve never had a company do that before. It only shows how much you value your customers. Job well done. Thanks again to all of you.”
Norene Dexter, Homeowner

Speaking Topics

Your Home's Hidden Danger: The Health Risks You Never Knew Existed And How To Fix It Today

Can the secret to a healthier family lie in simply updating just a single part of your home? In her talk, Amber Utz reveals the dangers lurking in your home’s equipment that could be causing respiratory issues and other health concerns. With her expert guidance, you’ll learn about the harmful microbes that could be affecting your health and practical steps you can take to create a clean, healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones. Attendees will walk away knowing how their home’s air quality is directly connected to their families’ health and how to fix it today.

Air Quality Matters: 3 Non-Medicinal Approaches To Boost Your Family's Health

Many families are looking for ways to improve their health and well-being without relying solely on medication. However, they may not realize that the air quality inside their homes can be a major contributor to their health concerns. In her talk, Amber Utz empowers attendees with knowledge on how to identify and eliminate potential causes of respiratory issues, allergies, and other health challenges within their homes. She provides actionable tips on how to improve indoor air quality and create a healthy living environment for the whole family.

Protect Your Health And The Planet: The Surprising Link Between Indoor Air Quality And The Environment

Time to open the windows and let some fresh air in on a common household problem! As an expert in indoor air quality, Amber educates attendees on the mutually beneficial relationship between indoor air quality and the environment. She reveals the simple eco-friendly solutions that can solve a variety of health concerns, such as allergies, respiratory issues, and other illnesses, and at the same time, protect the health of our planet. With Amber’s guidance, anyone can take proactive steps towards better health and a cleaner environment.
Breathing Easier: How To Improve Your Family’s Health At Home Through Air Quality
For more than 30 years, Amber has transformed hundreds of indoor environments into clean, safe living spaces that promote better health. Now, her goal is to help one million property owners achieve the same by 2033, ensuring the well-being of those who inhabit their spaces through improved indoor air quality.

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