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Owner Of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta

About Antonio

Antonio D’Alelio is the owner of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta, a gourmet pasta company that provides fresh pasta, ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni, and gnocchi to food service providers. He has been working by his mother Lilly’s side in all areas of the pasta business since he was just 11 years old. After expanding his culinary repertoire by attending Cambridge Culinary Institute, Antonio returned to Lilly’s and what he believes to be his true calling: building his family’s legacy and bringing value to Lilly’s dedicated customers.
In 1999, under Antonio’s leadership, the company undertook an ambitious new project. He created a multi-unit, quick-serve franchise featuring his family’s famous pasta and a “build-your-own” ordering process. After opening seven successful locations in the Boston area, he sold his franchises to pivot back to serving food service operators — the very backbone of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta.

In 2010, Antonio led Lilly’s into broadline distribution, a move that would fuel exponential growth and reshape the company for years to come. As Lilly has worked for many years to build the company’s heart, Antonio has been the driving force behind its growth and expansion. Antonio became the owner of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta in 2017 and continues to look to the future with the goal of making Lilly’s a national brand.

Antonio’s passion is truly infectious. Nothing brings him joy like sharing his family’s hard work and seeing customers and partners across the country find success with Lilly’s pasta. His mission is to provide a superior product that enables Lilly’s restaurant partners to increase their profitability and serve delicious pasta dishes that will keep patrons coming back.


“Lilly’s is consistently amazing pasta. I love being able to proudly tell the story of where our pasta comes from and the family history behind the company. On multiple occasions, Antonio and Brian have helped us create filled pasta unique to our restaurants. The ravioli are always stuffed with real ingredients, not just a filling! The lobster ravioli is truly spectacular!”
— Adam H., Owner Of Depot Street Tavern
“In my 20 years of working in the F&B industry, I can honestly say that I have not come across another product on the market that compares to the quality and consistency of Lilly’s pasta.”
— Kurtis J., Chef Jay Of Village Inn
“It reminded me of my grandma’s pasta. Simple, honest, unembellished. I had been overthinking my menu for our restaurant. I was misguided by the thought that the sauce needed to be the star of the show. Lilly’s pasta exceeded my expectations and reminded me that it doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate — just delicious and genuine.”
— Chelsea L., Owner At Speidielicious

Note To Meeting Planners

A Passion For Pasta

Antonio D’Alelio, owner of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta, is an authority on pasta! Since his childhood, he has worked alongside his mother, Lilly, creating and serving fresh, homemade pasta. He is passionate about providing high-quality, fresh pasta to restaurants, enabling them to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

Speaking Topic

Always Fresh: Never Pre-Cooked Since 1986

Antonio D’Alelio, the owner of Lilly’s Fresh Pasta, is passionate about delivering a high-quality product that not only satisfies customers but also helps businesses increase profits. In his talk, Antonio shares his expertise on what makes his pasta superior to competitors, such as using the freshest ingredients and achieving the perfect filling-to-dough ratio. By offering a premium product, businesses can increase customer satisfaction, charge higher prices, and ultimately see a boost in profits. With Antonio’s insights, customers will gain a competitive edge and experience the benefits of offering a superior product. Attendees will walk away with one free case of fresh pasta — a $30 cost that will help them earn between $400-$500 in their restaurants.
At Lilly’s Fresh Pasta, we are committed to providing superior quality fresh pasta to food service providers. Our customers see an immediate increase in profit while improving customer satisfaction and retention. By using Lilly’s Fresh Pasta, they can reduce their labor costs and improve the quality and consistency of their pasta dishes.

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